February 23, 2007. Portland, OR — Fusion Systems International
(http://www.FusionSystems.com) today announced that it has released
version 7.2 of the Fusion RIP for Mac OS X. This latest version of
the RIP supports Apple’s Mac-Intel hardware as well as PowerPC

This latest version of the Fusion RIP builds on a range of features
originally introduced with the 7.0 RIP, such as an advanced in-RIP
font emulation capability for time-critical applications, full
support for PDF/X-1a:2003 and PDF/X-3:2003 and the JDF 1.2

Native support for Apple’s Mac-Intel hardware and the latest versions
of the OS X operating system is a key enhancement of the Version 7.2
release. Being Universal Binary compliant the new release can run on
both the older *Apple PowerPC hardware as well* as all of the newest
Apple hardware.

Version 7.2 Fusion RIPs on Mac-Intel architecture also provide
dramatic performance gains of more than *twice the speed* of earlier
Mac PowerPC configurations. Now it is possible for anyone to use the
new feature-rich release of the Fusion RIP for OS X on PowerPC based
hardware or on the newer Mac-Intel hardware.

Features common to both the OS X and Linux RIPs (due to be released
in the next few days) include *native compatibility with PDF 1.6* for
greater direct processing of PDF files. The Fusion RIPs maintain the
ability to process PDF files natively without the need to first
convert to PostScript, which ensures fast and accurate rendering.

Fusion RIPs are also *JDF Certified* supporting JDF enablers which
allow for reference file format support of 1-bit TIFF-based
workflows. With a growing trend among Computer-to-Plate manufacturers
to accept 1-bit TIFF separation files from any source, such as the
Fusion RIP, this latest enhancement provides extended communications
support for open solutions configurations.

About Fusion Systems International

Fusion Systems International, of Portland, OR, is a leading
independent developer and provider of Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, and
Windows-based prepress workflow solutions for the graphic arts
industry. We have over 16 years of systems integration experience and
specialization in prepress software solutions designed to enhance
existing investments and or complement new ones. All products are
distributed directly or through a global network of authorized
resellers and OEM partners. Fusion Systems International is a
division of LDR International, Inc.

For more information, please visit http://www.FusionSystems.com, or
call us at (503) 261-7395 or (503) 261-7383.