Bare Bones Software today announced the release of Yojimbo 1.4.1, an update to the reliable, effortless information organizer. This update is a maintenance release that fixes reported issues and adds minor enhancements and refinements to this reliable, easy to use information organizer. Yojimbo stores several different data types: text notes, passwords, Web bookmarks, product serial numbers, PDFs, and Web archives. Data input into Yojimbo follows familiar Mac user interface gestures such as copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop, a Quick Input Panel, or PDF Services from the Print menu. Searching and retrieval are instantaneous, using either Yojimbo’s built-in search, or the Spotlight search system in Mac OS X Tiger. If desired, Yojimbo will encrypt data using the secure AES-256 algorithm standard. Yojimbo carries a suggested retail price of US$39.