SubRosaSoft today announced the release of DasBoot, a new addition to their line of freeware utilities for Mac OS X. DasBoot helps you build a pocket-sized toolkit for your Mac for free. Just plug it in and all your tools will be at your fingertips. DasBoot has been tested with the following disk utilities and data recovery tools, but will also run many others: CopyCatX, FileSalvage, MacForensicsLab, VolumeWorks, Drive Genius, Data Rescue II, DiskWarrior, TechTool Pro. “You can use your iPod to boot and repair Mac OS X computers without erasing them and taking away your ability to play music. With the help of DasBoot you get to carry all the tools you’ll need with you. But unlike expensive third party alternatives, you’ll have plenty of space left over in case you need to recover data,” notes the company.