Fastmac Expands “Just Say No To Crack” iPod Rehab Program To Include LCD
Replacements for iPod Minis; Same Day Service Relieves Withdrawal Symptoms
& Let’s You Get High On Music Again

February 2, 2007 – Salinas, CA – Fastmac today expanded it’s popular “Just
Say No To Crack” iPod rehab program featuring same day LCD replacements for
Video iPods, Nanos, 4th Generation (Click Wheel) iPods and now iPod Minis.
The program offers repair and replacement of scratched or cracked iPod LCD
screens, either as a Do It Yourself (DIY) kit with tools & instructional
videos or via a same day mail order service provided by Fastmac directly.
Fastmac uses only Apple original parts to guarantee quality as well as fit
and compatibility. Fastmac’s iPod LCD rehab program is available now for
the iPod 5th Generation with Video, iPod Nano, iPod 4th Generation (Click
Wheel) and iPod Mini. Prices start at $29.95. Each screen carries a 1 year
warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Fastmac’s LCD rehab program replaces the iPod’s original display with a
100% matching Apple original part & includes all necessary tools and
instructions required to open the iPod. 24-hour installation services are
also available for an additional $39.95. Using a box in the mail service
provided by DHL, Fastmac will pick up the customer’s iPod, install the LCD
screen and provide a thorough checkup & light cleaning before shipping back
to the customer, all within 24 hours. During the rehab process, Fastmac
will diagnose any other problems that the iPod may be experiencing, and
offer a free estimate for repair or upgrade, including battery & hard drive
upgrades, or logic board repairs.

Fastmac’s LCD rehab program can also be combined with a TruePower battery
upgrade to obtain an almost new iPod. Fastmac’s TruePower battery upgrades
replace the iPod’s original internal battery with a larger capacity and
longer lasting advanced power cell battery. The upgrades offer up to 78%
more capacity than the original OEM battery and up to 7.5 times as many
charge cycles.


Fastmac’s LCD rehab program is available for the iPod 5th Generation with
Video (2005 model), iPod Nano (2005 model), iPod 4th Generation (Click
Wheel), and iPod Mini (Second Generation).

More information about the “Just Say No to Crack” LCD rehab program is
available via the following product page:

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