January 26, 2007 – refNum Software have released Nano 1.2, a major
update to their open source C++ framework for developing modern
high-performance Carbon applications.

Nano 1.2 adds an advanced Software Update engine, built around RSS,
that allows users to view release notes, download updates, and
upgrade their software from within a running application.

This release also includes over 50 improvements and bug fixes, such
as HTTP support, XML parsing, PCRE-based regular expressions, thread
locks, and additional control over WebKit views.

Daily source code snapshots are now available through Subversion, and
the svn repository can be browsed online.

Nano provides:

o A HIG-compliant application+document model

o C++ wrappers around every HIToolbox view

o Advanced features such as one-line-undo

o Built-in support for Software Update

o Improved Interface Builder experience

Built around the native Carbon framework, Nano allows developers to
create full-featured, 64-bit clean, Universal Binaries with minimal
effort using the industry-standard C++ language.

More information on Nano is available from the project home page:


Nano is distributed under the open source BSD licence, and can be
used in both commercial and open source projects.