CAMBRIDGE, MA. – XpertMart announced today the release of a new
version of its POS & Inventory Control software that runs on Java 5
and is optimized for Macs running on Intel processors.

The new version of XpertMart’s POS software for Mac OS X runs
natively on the Intel chip without needing Rosetta and is therefore
faster than applications that were written for the old PowerPC
processor and need to be translated to run on Intel’s Core

“Our new Java 5 Version of XpertMart for Mac is our fastest yet,”
says XpertMart CEO Stephen Searfoss. “We’ve seen speed improvements
upwards of 50% running XpertMart on an Intel Mac compared to an older
PowerPC Mac.”

XpertMart on Mac runs on the the Firebird database manager which also
runs natively on the Intel processor and also does not require the
Rosetta translator which can make applications slow and unreliable.
Firebird is a time-tested SQL relational database.

“We remain fully committed to the Mac platform,” says Searfoss. “As
Apple has upgraded the underlying technology of the Macintosh line
improving the operating system and processor architecture XpertMart
has kept pace.”

Legacy users who have been running XpertMart on PowerPC Macs will be
able to seamlessly move their data to an Intel Mac because both run
on the Firebird database. Retailers looking to upgrade their hardware
can do so knowing they won’t have any software headaches.

“Our goal has always been to offer our users maximum flexibility in
their choice of hardware, operating system and peripherals,” says
Searfoss. “A chain of retail stores can run XpertMart on a mix of
older G3 PowerPC gumdrop Macs running OS 10.1 all the way up to the
new Dual Core Intel Xeon Mac Pro running Tiger and enjoy smooth

XpertMart POS software comes with its own set of drivers to handle
peripherals like receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode printers and
portable data terminals.

“Because we write all of our own drivers XpertMart is compatible with
a wide range of industry standard USB peripherals such as Zebra,
Symbol and Epson even when the manufacturer doesn’t say their
peripherals are Mac compatible.”

Retailers who wish to run their store software on the Mac platform
can do so with confidence knowing that the XpertMart POS system will
evolve and continue to meet their needs.

The Java 5 Version of XpertMart for Mac OS X has been in beta testing
with select users for the last six months and is now available for
wide release. A free trial version of the POS software is available
from our web site: (