Salem, NH, January 18, 2007: Macintosh speech recognition authority
MacSpeech announced today it has certified the Airline 77 wireless
microphone from Samson Technologies. The Airline 77 is the first –
and currently only – wireless microphone certified to work with the
company’s flagship product, iListen.

“Macintosh computers have very specific requirements in terms of the
type of audio signal they will accept,” said Martin Markoe, president
of eMicrophones, a Samson reseller. “The Samson Airline 77 is one of
the few wireless microphones on the market that will not only meet,
but exceed those requirements. After a week of testing this wireless
Headset Microphone with integrated transmitter showed it to be as
accurate and noise canceling as our best Sennheiser Wireless headset
system. The Samson does not have the 1440 channels of the Sennheiser,
however three units (with different frequencies) can be used in

“Certification of a wireless microphone has probably been our number
one request since we first introduced iListen,” said MacSpeech Chief
Evangelist Chuck Rogers. We are absolutely thrilled beyond measure
that we can finally certify a solution for those customers who would
rather not be tethered to their computer with a corded microphone.”

The Airline 77 features a micro-technology transmitter that
eliminates the need for a belt pack, yet still provides a lightweight
headset. The transmitter will operate for up to 14 hours on one AAA
battery. The retail price of the Airline 77 is $449, but is currently
on special for $399 from
which includes the cable and Andrea USB sound pod to assure
compatibility with Macintosh computers.

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