Amnesty Generator Extends Web Widget Space To Apple’s Dashboard

Washington, DC — January 17, 2007 — Mesa Dynamics announced today the
official release of Amnesty Generator 1.0, a free utility for Mac OS X that
converts web widgets, gadgets, badges and videos into Dashboard widgets.

Like their desktop widget counterparts, web widgets are mini-applications:
games, gadgets and embeddable video. Because web widgets are deployed on
personal web pages, they are packaged in HTML code snippets designed for
use in blogs, homepages and social networking profile pages. Amnesty
Generator converts this web widget code directly into Dashboard widgets,
allowing the web content to run natively in OS X without the need for a
hosted page.

Industry watchers have already named 2007 “the year of the widget,”
predicting tremendous growth in the web widget space as companies race to
design content for “personalizing life online.” Amnesty Generator lets
users move widgets off the web and into Apple’s Dashboard, a first step
towards unifying this new and expansive web content with a sophisticated
desktop widget environment.

In order to simplify the conversion process, Amnesty Generator 1.0 includes
an “Autofill” feature and detailed instructions supporting widgets from
over 30 web sites including Google Gadgets, PicGames and YouTube.

Amnesty Generator 1.0 is a “Universal” application, requires Mac OS X
10.3.9 or later and is available today at (

Mesa Dynamics, LLC is a privately held software development company
specializing in innovative applications for the Macintosh, including the
Amnesty line of widget products, which the company first introduced in 2005.