Quark optimizing performance in latest Universal=20
upgrade for QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress 7.1 answers customer needs within QuarkXPress

DENVER — January 9, 2007 — Customers ask, and=20
Quark delivers. Quark Inc. announced today the=20
release of QuarkXPress 7.1, the new Universal=20
upgrade to the award-winning desktop design=20
software. The latest upgrade answers customers’=20
needs with performance enhancements, making the=20
design software more responsive.

“We have been working with our customers to=20
identify their needs and are confident that users=20
will find this application even more responsive,”=20
said Richard Pasewark, Quark senior vice=20
president of sales (Americas). “This release is=20
our response to customer needs and market=20
feedback. Quark is committed to providing our=20
customers with the best design and production=20
software to make them more successful.”

Listening to market needs, Quark made significant=20
performance improvements in several key areas –=20
including text selection, clipped images, and=20
flattening features. Each feature has received a=20
performance boost, resulting in faster production=20
times. In addition, the Universal upgrade has=20
provided performance improvements throughout the=20
application, and in some areas QuarkXPress 7.1 is=20
up to five times faster on Intel-based Macs than=20

“QuarkXPress 7 was one of the first major=20
publishing applications to run as a Universal=20
application and take advantage of our blazing=20
fast Intel-based Macs,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s=20
vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.=20
“We’re thrilled that Quark has upgraded its=20
flagship desktop design software to improve=20
performance even more on Intel-based machines.”

QuarkXPress 7 has already proved to offer a=20
vastly higher ROI than in previous versions of=20
QuarkXPress in a study published by the Seybold=20
Report. Based on best practices suggested by=20
users within both design-intensive and=20
production-intensive environments, the report=20
found that new collaboration features contributed=20
heavily to the ability of QuarkXPress 7 to=20
complete workflow in the fastest time.=20
QuarkXPress 7 also produced the most reliable PDF=20
output through the use of the Quark Job Jackets=20

J=FCrgen Kurz, Quark senior vice president of=20
desktop products, commented: “While we continue=20
to innovate with new products such as Quark=20
Interactive Designer and Quark Print Collection,=20
QuarkXPress 7.1 demonstrates our commitment to=20
improving performance and reliability”

To purchase or upgrade to QuarkXPress 7.1, visit=20
the Quark Web site at=20

To learn more about QuarkXPress 7 and how to=20
purchase or upgrade, visit the Quark Web site at=20

A fully functional 30-day evaluation version of=20
QuarkXPress 7, including the new Universal=20
release for Intel-based Macs, is available for=20
download from (http://www.quark.com/30days).

To obtain the ROI report, visit the Quark Web=20
site at=20

* based on cumulative tests provided by Quark and Macworld magazine

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