Prosoft Engineering Announces Jax for iPod

Pleasanton, CA – January 9, 2007 – Prosoft Engineering, Inc., the
developers of easy-to-use, award-winning products, today announced
Jax. Prosoft will be giving a sneak peek of the new program at the
Macworld San Francisco show at Moscone Center, January 9th – 12th
(booth S637).

“Jax is a product that is different from our current line of
utilities. This program really opens your iPod up to a whole new
universe of possibilities,” states Greg Brewer, CEO of Prosoft
Engineering. “The best part about Jax is that it is customizable and
its features can change to match your personality and needs. We are
very excited to launch a new product with such a variety of options
and possibilities,” states Mr. Brewer.

Jax: Real Life Meets Digital Life
Jax has more than a dozen features built in and you can add others
whenever you want as we develop more and more Jax. Just go to our
website and find others that you might like.

Control your music
Configurable visualizers. manage your lyrics and find songs in your
library that contain specific phrases and words. Manage your album
art and select alternative images with higher resolution or different
and international graphics. Research your favorite songs and bands,
their band members, similar bands and click in a brand new
awe-inspiring interface.

Control your life
Point-to-point directions, current weather forecasts, your favorite
stock quotes, movie listings and local gas prices. Local news from
your favorite news readers, all your latest emails and any of your
favorite documents – and oh, have you heard? You can download them
into your iPod as text, or as spoken words as tracks in MP3 format.
Not good enough? How about being to directly download YouTube, Google
Videos, and any QuickTime movies directly to your video iPod?

Control your future
This is just the beginning… Jax is upgradeable with its plug and
play feature set. Each feature of Jax is a module (called a Jak).
Dozens more are on the way and most will be available as free
downloads right from our website.

Jax will be available in early February for purchase online at and at Apple Stores, Fry’s Electronics,
ClubMac, MacMall, Other World Computing, MacConnection,
and other Mac software retailers. International partner may be found

About Prosoft Engineering
Established in 1985, Prosoft Engineering, Inc. specializes in
creating professional quality software designed to be easily used by
both novice and expert users. Prosoft started out as an engineering
services company doing contract development work for Apple and most
key Mac OS developers. Today, relying on mega hit products like Data
Rescue, Drive Genius and Netware for Mac OS, Prosoft is a major
software publisher/producer with distribution partners throughout the
Americas, Europe and Asia. Prosoft Engineering, Inc. is headquartered
in Pleasanton, CA. Please visit the website at