New Gorilla 4 Film Production Software Opens Its Doors to a Whole New
Generation of Filmmakers – Debuts at Apple Stores Nationwide

Jungle Software ships Gorilla 4, revolutionary software for an entire
new generation of underground, YouTube-inspired filmmakers while
addressing the ever-evolving needs of the indie and studio filmmaker.

STUDIO CITY, Calif., Jan. 10, 2007 — Jungle Software
( announced today the immediate
availability of Gorilla 4. Gorilla, the first film production
software ever specifically designed for independent filmmakers to
help them manage their film projects, now welcomes the ultra-indie
market, the underground, YouTube generation of filmmakers with the
release of version 4 and the concurrent nationwide placement in Apple

Independent filmmakers require a dynamic and robust software tool
that can handle the myriad of details that go into producing a film
or video project. Unlike traditional film production software,
Gorilla’s core features – film budgeting and scheduling – are joined
by an array of modules that handle cast & crew, rehearsals,
calendaring, locations, expenses, editing, film festivals and more.

Gorilla has been embraced by thousands of independent and studio
filmmakers and Gorilla 4 promises to continue to lead the charge with
the next generation of film and video professionals.

“Rapidly-advancing technology has put filmmaking in the hands of the
masses,” says Aaton Cohen-Sitt, President of Jungle Software. “Kids
are grabbing DV cameras and their buddies and getting their stuff
seen on places like YouTube and MySpace. The one thing that has
stayed out of the reach of those filmmakers are the traditional
methods of film production – how to run a project, how to budget and
schedule your film, how to keep track of important details like
rehearsals and casting and making sure the right prop is there on the
right day. That’s where Gorilla can really help.”

Jungle Software also announced today that Gorilla is now available in
select Apple Stores across the country and through the Apple Store

“Providing Apple Store customers access to film software like Gorilla
is proof positive that technology and filmmaking are continuing along
their convergent path, creating a whole new generation of
filmmakers,” says Debbie Cohen-Sitt, VP of Sales & Marketing for
Jungle Software. “It’s an exciting time to be a filmmaker; anything
seems possible.”

Gorilla hasn’t lost its roots though, and in keeping with their
tradition of actively listening to customer requests for new
features, Jungle Software has added dozens of new features to Gorilla
4, most of which came from the Gorilla community.

Some of Gorilla 4’s new features include Element Linking, Element
Blackout, Colored Shot Lists, Attach Cast and Equipment to Shots,
over 3000 Labor and Union Rates, automatic Sending of Emails to
Contacts, completely retooled interface and over a dozen new reports.

“I’ve been beta testing [Gorilla 4] and it’s light years ahead of
anything else,” says beta tester David A. Maisel, Owner/Producer,
Dancing Cat Productions, LLC.

Chris O’Hara, Independent Filmmaker and Gorilla 4 beta tester, says,
“I am very impressed with the new version; [it’s] much sleeker and
easier to use. The information you can enter is great since you have
added some categories and click boxes. Linking is very cool.”

New users may purchase Gorilla Pro Edition for $399, Standard for
$299 or Student for $199. Ratebook and Gorilla upgrade prices vary;
please consult the Jungle Software website for further information.

About Jungle Software

Jungle Software is the maker of Gorilla, the only all-in-one film
production software tool designed for filmmakers by filmmakers and is
headquartered in the heart of Los Angeles – filmmaking capital of the

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