Underserved Mac Community Can Now Host Real-Time Screen Sharing Sessions

MACWORLD, BOOTH 2543 (January 9, 2007) — Glance Networks today
announced the introduction of a MacTM version of GlanceTM, the
one-button screen sharing tool that lets people instantly show their
live computer screens to anyone online. Now both Mac and WindowsTM PC
users can deliver product demonstrations, sales presentations, web
tours, training, creative reviews and technical support with Glance’s
one-button simplicity.

In recent years, screen sharing over the Internet has brought
enormous productivity advantages to all kinds of business, yet Mac
users have been widely underserved. Glance is bridging the gap by
extending its simple online screen sharing tool to the Mac community.
Glance’s new version brings Mac users the same lean, no nonsense
design that PC-based users already enjoy in more than 2,600 companies
worldwide. While Mac users have always been able to view Glance
sessions, now they can host sessions as well. Glance’s one-button
interface makes it the simplest screen sharing tool available.

“The Mac version of Glance works perfectly for Mac and PC attendees
— we haven’t had one issue. It’s easy to use and most importantly
for us, it’s a one-click start,” said Brian Niles, founder and CEO of
TargetX, which provides marketing communications services to 450
colleges and universities nationwide. “When it comes to simplicity,
the entire Glance experience is very Macish. We just don’t need all
of the bells and whistles from other companies that typically add an
extra 10 minutes to setting up a demo. With Glance, it’s
instantaneous and I don’t know of any other Mac products that work
this way.”

Quick, Simple Installation and Use
Using Glance on a Mac is easy. Sign-up and installation takes under
two minutes. Users get to pick their own personal URLs. Session
guests do not need any software. They connect instantly with nearly
any PC, Mac or Linux computer — even from highly secure
environments. Once connected, guests see everything the host sees, in
full color.

Ideal for Key Applications
Glance for the Mac is ideal for a range of business activities such as:

* Review creative. With Glance, Mac users can now share designs,
photos, 3D renderings, sketches, simulations, charts or other
creative work with colleagues and customers while they are on the
phone. By doing so, they get comments early in the design process to
avoid costly revisions.

* Demo products. Mac users can give sales prospects a high-touch
sales experience by demonstrating applications, web services,
designs, simulations or tools, right from the sales person’s computer

* Present slides. Glance for the Mac eliminates the hassle of
emailing bulky presentations and allows users to show PowerPoints,
Keynotes or other visuals in full color in real time.

* Help customers find the right product. With Glance, Mac users can
show customers detailed product information from a web site or
internal catalog while they are on the phone, which is ideal for
companies with complex products or extensive catalog listings.

* Show financial portfolios, travel destinations, real estate
listings, insurance illustrations. Business can be closed more
quickly using Glance by enabling Mac users to show customers exactly
what they are talking about.

* Let customers visually confirm orders. Using Glance for the Mac can
minimize costly fulfillment errors by allowing customers to watch as
their order information is completed, so they can correct mistakes

* Look over documents together. By using Glance, users can avoid
endless rounds of revisions by going over spreadsheets, charts,
slides or documents from several locations, all at the same time.

* Show meeting notes. Meetings by phone can be kept on track by
letting everyone watch as their comments and decisions are recorded.

Pricing and Availability
Glance, for both Mac and PC users, is available immediately at
(http://glance.net/) with flat-rate pricing that starts at
$49.95/month ($499/year). Each session can host up to 15 guests, who
all connect for free. Users can sign up for a free trial at

About Glance Networks
Glance Networks, Inc. provides a simple one-button screen sharing
service that lets users instantly show their live PC or Mac computer
screen to anyone online. Companies worldwide use Glance to deliver
web demos, sales presentations, training and technical support.
Founded in February 2000, Glance is privately held, with headquarters
in Arlington, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit