Artman21, Japan – Jan, 9, 2007
Artman21 Inc.(16-11, Minami Fujisawa, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan
2510055) has released powerful Cocoa based text editor “Jedit X”
Rev.1.37. Both English and Japanese versions are available. Jedit is
the one of the most popular and award-winning text editor in Japan.

In Rev.1.37, 17 improvements, including the print scaling at the page
setting panel, have been conducted and 11 bugs were fixed.

Text Editor
Jedit X Rev1.37
File size: 15.8MB

Release date: 1/9, 2007
shareware: US$28
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The Cocoa version of the popular text editor in Japan. Supports
Unicode, Text Encoding Auto Sniffer, Customizable Syntax Coloring,
Split Editing Window, Line Numbers Display, Fully Customizable Key
Bindings, Book Marking Function, Object Embedding (image, Quicktime
Movie and files), Sorting, AppleScript, complete English Help, saving
find results, style search, checking encoding compatibility, external
editor protocol and others.

System Requirement:
+ PowerPC Mac or Intel Mac
+ Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4
+ Needs free memory of more than 4MB.