Other World Computing (OWC) today announced the availability of the newly configured, award-winning OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Mirror FireWire 800/400 + USB 2.0 RAID solution, now built using the latest Oxford 924 based custom bridge solution and “most advanced, most reliable” SATA hard disk mechanisms up to 750GB (x 2 Mirrored) from US$349.99. OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro RAID solutions are backed by a Two-Year Warranty (internal drive mechanism carries up to an additional three-year Partner Factory Warranty for five years total drive coverage). Fully Plug-and-Play, the OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro RAID comes with FireWire 800 cable, FireWire 400 cable, USB cable, EMC Retrospect, Intech HD SpeedTools Utility Suite, and power cable.