CRYPTOCard Launches CRYPTO-MAS, the First Managed=20
Authentication Service for Mac OS X, at Macworld=20
(Booth 1544)

Low-Maintenance Two-Factor Authentication Service=20
Enables SMBs without In-House IT Personnel to=20
Eliminate Unauthorized Network Access

Ottawa, Canada and London, England, January 4,=20
2007 – CRYPTOCard (,=20
the leading authentication technology developer=20
for heterogeneous environments, today announced=20
the launch of CRYPTO-MAS, the first Managed=20
Authentication Service to fully support Apple’s=20
Mac OS X. Developed for small- and medium-sized=20
businesses (SMBs) that either do not want the=20
headache of managing their own authentication=20
solution, or do not have the resources to install=20
and administer two-factor authentication,=20
CRYPTO-MAS makes it simple to eliminate=20
unauthorized network access by protecting=20
employees against shoulder surfing, social=20
engineering, and other forms of password theft.=20
CRYPTOCard will demonstrate the CRYPTO-MAS=20
managed service administration portal at Macworld=20
2007 (Booth 1544).

CRYPTO-MAS makes it easy for users to utilize=20
CRYPTOCard’s two-factor authentication tokens to=20
positively identify themselves when logging in=20
from any workstation. Trusted by major=20
organizations in over 70 countries, CRYPTOCard’s=20
tokens display a randomly-generated password for=20
every log-on attempt, to not only make stolen=20
credentials useless to hackers but also eliminate=20
the need for users to memorize complicated=20
passwords – significantly reducing the help-desk=20
costs associated with forgotten passwords, and=20
the security risk resulting from users writing=20
them down. Also, as the user requires their PIN=20
as well as their token to access the network, a=20
lost or stolen token is useless to a hacker.

To protect the network with CRYPTO-MAS an=20
organization simply has to purchase hardware or=20
software tokens from any of CRYPTOCard’s global=20
channel partners, and then pay a low monthly=20
subscription fee based on the number of users.=20
CRYPTO-MAS eliminates the expenditures usually=20
required to purchase and support an=20
authentication solution in house – freeing up=20
valuable IT resources for other mission-critical=20

To activate the service, an organization’s=20
authentication node (AuthNode) is pointed at the=20
CRYPTO-Server for servicing authentication=20
requests. CRYPTO-Server supports a wide range of=20
AuthNodes, including VPN concentrators, SSL VPNs,=20
=46irewalls and IIS and Apache websites. CRYPTO-MAS=20
provides full support for Mac OS X, Windows, Red=20
Hat, and SuSE when using a Software, Smart Card,=20
or USB Dongle tokens. The operating system on an=20
end-user’s machine is irrelevant when using=20
Hardware Tokens.

“Recognizing that password theft is one of the=20
greatest threats facing network security today,=20
many companies are looking for stronger user=20
authentication to protect their data and other=20
digital assets,” said Jason Hart, CEO CRYPTOCard=20
Europe. “Unfortunately, most SMBs lack the=20
requisite skills, manpower, infrastructure, or=20
budget to implement critical services such as=20
two-factor authentication,” Hart continued.=20
“CRYPTO-MAS provides an affordable=20
“pay-as-you-go” no-maintenance alternative to=20
traditional in-house solutions to make it easy=20
for any SMB working on Mac OS X to eliminate the=20
security risk associated with static passwords.”

U.K. Fashion Company Relies on CRYPTO-MAS for Remote Access

“CRYPTO-MAS provided the right level of security=20
we were looking for and it fits perfectly with=20
Rubicon Retail’s VPN environment,” said Peter=20
Lloyd-Jones, project manager for Retail Assist, a=20
company that provides outsourced IT services to=20
Rubicon Retail, one of the UK’s leading fashion=20
and accessories suppliers. “Using CRYPTO-MAS,=20
Rubicon can now give remote access to any of its=20
staff it needs to without worrying about the=20
security of their connections,” Lloyd-Jones=20
continued. “It was fast to install, less=20
expensive than the other vendors, and all round=20
we=92re very happy with it.”

James Turner, CRYPTOCard’s Technical Services=20
Engineer, will join Mac OS X experts, IronGate=20
Server Management & Consulting, on Thursday,=20
January 11 at 1:00 p.m. for Macworld’s “IT835:=20
Token-Based, Two Factor Authentication on Mac OS=20
X,” presentation.

About CRYPTOCard Inc.

CRYPTOCard is a leader and innovator in the=20
Network Authentication Industry. Its=20
multi-awarded Two-Factor Authentication options=20
include both a server based or product=92 solution=20
(CRYPTO-Shield) and a Managed Authentication=20
Service (CRYPTO-MAS). The combination allows=20
organizations of any size and means to adopt a=20
strong authentication policy. CRYPTOCard is=20
unique in the industry in its commitment to=20
ensuring its products/services work with any=20
common network architecture including OS=20
compatibility (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X),=20
web-server flexibility (IIS, Apache), and=20
database options (Active Directory, LDAP, Open=20
Directory, etc). Add to that the outstanding=20
out-of-the-box=92 interoperability with many top=20
industry network solutions including Citrix,=20
Checkpoint, and Cisco, and you begin to see how=20
CRYPTOCard has grown since its origin in 1989 to=20
become a thriving enterprise doing business in=20
more than 70 countries.