RadTech announces new data storage options across Impact and
DriveMate product lines.

Earth City, Missouri – January 02, 2007 – RadTech, makers of iPod
and mobile computing accessories and more, today announces new
Impact 2.5 and 3.5 inch SATA-based hard disk drive enclosures
featuring eSATA, FireWire and USB connectivity.

RadTech’s DriveMate 1 inch HDD-based compact data storage solutions,
available with and without hardware-based, secure token encryption,
now boosted in capacity to 8.0GB in X-Wall hardware encrypted

Built RadTech tough. Impact ultra-rugged HDD enclosures provide the
absolute toughest physical housings for mounting and securely fixing
2.5 and 3.5 inch hard disk drives. Capable of withstanding crush
loads in excess of 4000 pounds, Impact’s 2.0 millimeter thick
extruded 6075 aluminum shell and runner system with elastomer disk
drive mounting mechanism ensure unparalleled physical drive

Compatibility with all modern data and connection busses. Impact
enclosures now accommodate all modern HDD’s, including ATA-6 and
SATA-1 & 2 specification, with a full complement of bus connectivity
options including USB1 & 2, FireWire 400 – 800, and eSATA (3.5in

Wide open throttle. Each Impact drive enclosure delivers industry-
leading throughput using the latest I/O bridge chipsets from Oxford
Semiconductor and Initio Corporation. Both non-encrypted, and 64- bit
X-Wall hardware encrypted Impact systems transfer data as fast as
the combination of installed drive and connection bus allows – up to
a blistering 300 MBps utilizing the eSATA bus.

All models include built-in FireWire repeaters for reliably chaining
other devices, world voltage external AC power supplies (2.5in
models can be bus powered) and high-quality connection cables for
all supported busses. RadTech’s ProCable, model M69P, is optionally
available for those wishing to use FireWire 800 devices on FW400
busses, or vice-versa.

DriveMate capacity grows to 8GB. RadTech’s wildly popular DriveMate
1 inch HDD-based compact storage modules now sport a capacity of 8GB
in the X-Wall encrypted series.

DriveMate combines a tough, yet compact and lightweight enclosure
with a high-speed 1 inch Hard Disk Drive. Featuring fast USB2
connectivity and a close-quarter USB port friendly connection cable,
DriveMate provides useful and practical storage for users on the go.

When security matters. For users desiring the absolute ultimate in
data security, RadTech answers the call with Enova Corporation’s X-
Wall real-time hardware encryption technology – available in every
data storage solution offered. Enova’s encryption technology at the
entry level 40-bit DES strength provides a level of security which
is an order of magnitude higher than software or biometric-based
solutions at 192-bit TDES and higher. And since X-Wall is computing
platform independent, RadTech’s storage solutions can be used with,
or between disparate operating systems with no loss of speed,
reliability or security.

RadTech Impact HDD enclosure pricing starts at $54.95, DriveMate
starts at $74.95 USD.

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