SCREEN SIEVE 1.0: Fade.. Type.. Locate!
Troms=F8, Norway – 19th of December, 2006. Yellow=20
Lemon Software introduces Screen Sieve, its new=20
screen-searching utility for Mac OS X.

Screen Sieve is an application that lets users=20
search the contents of their currently active=20
window. Putting Mac OS X’ built-in support for=20
Accessibility to good use, Screen Sieve is able=20
to search the windows of any application that=20
supports Accessibility, including most Cocoa- and=20
Carbon-based applications. As the user types,=20
Screen Sieve highlights all visible occurrences=20
of characters, words and phrases, making it=20
simple to locate text in a crowded web-page or=20
highlighting the location of a file in a Finder=20

Screen Sieve is configurable, letting users=20
change both the hotkey for invoking Screen Sieve=20
as well as the background color used when Screen=20
Sieve fades the display. It can also be=20
configured to start automatically when the user=20
logs in.

Screen Sieve supports both PowerPC- and=20
Intel-based Macs, and requires Mac OS X version=20
10.4 or later. Screen Sieve is free, but=20
donations are accepted. Screen Sieve 1.0 is=20
available immediately for download here:=20

More information, including screenshots and demo=20
movies, can be found here:=20

Yellow Lemon Software is run by Norwegian=20
Mac-developer Daniel St=F8dle, and has been=20
publishing software for the Macintosh since 1996.=20
In addition to Screen Sieve, Daniel St=F8dle is the=20
developer of FolderGlance, a utility for browsing=20
files and digging into folders via the Finder’s=20
contextual menus, and Desktop Transporter, a=20
remote desktop solution now being distributed by=20
DEVONtechnologies, LLC.