Flash Optimizer 2.0: Now Includes Sounds and FLV-Video Compression!

Flash designers, web-designers, web-programmers or common Mac users
now may enjoy a new version of the only flash optimizer on the net
available for free download and trial period

FRANKFURT/MAIN, Germany – December 8, 2006: One of the leading
innovators in the world of Flash software, the author of such popular
products as SWF Movie Player and Flash Decompiler, Eltima Software
today announces the release of Flash Optimizer for Mac 2.0. The
freshest version is especially remarkable for its sound and video
optimization features. Now users may compress sounds by converting
stereo to mono, lowering bitrate and changing sample rate for output
sounds. Besides, they can change video bitrate and frame size for
embedded Flash video, reducing output file size without any
substantial quality loss.

The specialists of the company have done much to improve Flash
Optimizer for Mac and these are not mere words. In this version of
Flash Optimizer users are certain to like such improved features as
SWF reading/writing engine, shapes, morphs and fonts optimization
algorithms, interface design and stability, compatibility with
different versions of Mac OS and an images reading engine, which has
been enhanced.

Flash Optimizer for Mac 2.0 is the company’s latest contribution to
SWF compression technologies. Flash Optimizer allows users to reduce
SWF file size considerably and, as a result, save loading time,
traffic and money. More than 50 compression options of the program
allow you to configure the compression process 100% your way: shapes
optimization, morphing optimization, fonts optimization, zero-objects
optimization, z-buffer optimization, vectors optimization, curves
optimization are just several major options to mention. The program
features a remarkably easy interface, which meets the expectations of
the most demanding users. It provides a selection of layout options
that render comprehensive assistance in work on a wide variety of
projects, from small buttons to full-screen interfaces. Flash
Optimizer allows users to preview the result side-by-side in 1 or 2
built-in players with zooming in/out options. Apart from that, the
program includes the “SWF info” button, which shows the details on
the Flash movie, like percentage of all movie elements (pictures,
shapes, videos, actions, etc.) and sizes of the both original and
reduced files. The wide opportunities offered by the new Flash
Optimizer for Mac give users total control over every aspect of the
optimization process and guarantees splendid results of your work
with Flash files.
Flash Optimizer for Mac 2.0 Features at a Glance:

– Sounds compression;

– Embedded video compression;

– The only Flash Optimizer on the net available for free download and
trial period;

– Unique SWF Compressor for Mac OS;

– Simple and Professional optimization settings – customize every
compression option;

– Easy SWF compression preview and comparison with an original file;

– Easy-to-use interface with intellectual, fully customizable controls;

– Optimization for shapes, morphing, fonts optimization, etc.;

– Revolutionary compression methods that allow optimization of SWF
files to save up to 70% of their size.

Pricing and Availability
Flash Optimizer for Mac 2.0 runs under Mac OS X v10.2 or higher and
costs $99.95 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to full 24\7
support, free updates and upgrades within one major version and
discounts when buying other products by Eltima Software. Volume
discounts are available too. A trial version of the program is
available as a free download at

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About Eltima Software
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