Martian Technology Releases LifeBoat Automatic Backup App For Mac OS X

November 29 2006 – Martian Technology today released Martian
LifeBoat, an application that makes keeping up-to-date backups as
simple as plugging in a USB Flash Drive.

Martian LifeBoat allows users to define “LifeBoats”, sets of files
and folders that get backed up each time a particular removable media
device (USB Flash Drive or External Hard Disk) is connected to their
computer. The instant the specified device is plugged into the Mac,
Martian LifeBoat automatically begins the backup process.

Users can then disconnect their updated LifeBoats and store them away
for safekeeping. Keeping the backups up-to-date just requires
plugging the device back into the Mac. Martian LifeBoat takes over
from there, quickly updating the external device with a fresh copy of
the users’ most important data.

“We developed LifeBoat so we could quickly back up our work in
progress at the end of each day. I just plug my USB Key into my Mac,
and all my important documents are backed up without my having to
press a button. I can leave the office knowing that I’ve got an extra
copy of my data right in my backpack,” noted Greg Martin, Martian
Technology co-founder.

LifeBoat is available as a freely downloadable demo that is limited
to updating a single removable media device. Users can purchase a
license for $13.99 to remove this restriction. LifeBoat requires Mac
OS 10.4 and higher, and is available in a Universal binary,
supporting the Intel-based Macs as well as PowerPC-based Macs.
LifeBoat can be downloaded from .

Martian Technology LLC is an up-and-coming indie Mac software
developer based in Seattle, WA. They can be reached online at or via email at .