FutureBASIC 4, Release 4, the fastest, Macintosh BASIC just got twice as fast!

November 30, 2006, Bay St. Louis, MS; STAZ Software, Inc. – The
FutureBASIC compiler now competes its work in half the time. Speedier
compilations are the result of streamlining the compiler’s workflow
and modernizing the source code.

A new group of commands can optionally replace the INDEX$ series of
statements. The new CFIndex commands offer increased speed and easier
localization with the use of Core Foundation strings instead of
Pascal Strings. There is also a new CFIndexSort to automate sorting.

Many Bug fixes have been handled in this version, including repairs
to the Find/Change routines, modifications to the Edit and Script
menus, mouse wheel support for the project window and smoothing out
of other minor inconsistencies that displeased some of our full time
developers. Work continues on the Intel compiler and the finished
product will be mailed to subscribers when finalized.

FutureBASIC has a suggested retail price of $169 for individual
copies and is sold by subscription that includes a year of free 800#
technical support and free upgrades for a year. Renewal price is $99.
Updates for FutureBASIC II and I users are $149. Lab packs and site
licenses are also available. The software is distributed by STAZ
Software, Inc. (800) 348-2623, or on the web:

For more than twenty years, FutureBASIC has been empowering a wide
range of Mac programmers worldwide to create fast, professional
applications. With its speed and power, FutureBASIC 4 is truly a new
carbon life form.