Holiday Home Entertainment Gift-Giving Focuses on Award-Winning
NewerTech miniStack

Ideal solution for Music, Video, and Photo buffs with 750GB capacity,
new prices

WOODSTOCK, IL (November 28, 2006) Entering the 2006 holiday season,
the award-winning NewerTech miniStack V2 from Newer Technology, Inc.
has been labeled as The Ultimate Gift-Givers’ Solution for Music,
Video, and Photo Enthusiasts, with new pricing as low as $74.95.

Injected with up to 750GB of high-performance hard drive storage
capacity, the miniStack V2 is ideally engineered for audio/visual
users and is appealingly priced to be the ultimate holiday solution.
Compatible with any USB or FireWire-equipped Mac or PC, the NewerTech
miniStack V2 is both USB and FireWire bootable, and adds three
additional powered USB ports and two additional powered FireWire
ports to any system to which it is connected. Visit:

The NewerTech miniStack V2’s built-in extra ports allow the
connection of multiple home entertainment and related devices
including scanners, printers, memory card readers, digital cameras,
digital video cameras, and iPods – all at once.

Up to an additional 750GB of storage capacity, three extra USB ports
and two extra FireWire ports, and a compact sleek 6.5″ W by 6.5″ L by
1.5″ H enclosure give miniStack users the ideal space and
organization to edit and store multimedia files including prerecorded
music, original recordings, home videos, Photoshop projects, photos,
and movie collections from just 56 cents per gigabyte.

Heralded for its stylish looks, ergonomic design, easy Plug-and-Play
use, and maximum appeal to home entertainment and computer
enthusiasts alike, the NewerTech miniStack V2 has been awarded such
titles as Top Product, Editor’s Choice, and Accessory of the Year by
the industry’s leading publications – culminating in the miniStack
being regarded as the ultimate holiday solution for Music, Video, and
Photo enthusiasts.

Totally Plug-and-Play, the NewerTech miniStack V2 comes packaged with
everything necessary for immediate operation and enjoyment: FireWire
and USB cables, Intech HD Speedtools, EMC Retrospect backup software,
custom Oxford 911+ bridge solution, thermal sensor controlled
auto-cooling, 2.0Amp superior UL listed power supply and a 2-year
NewerTech Warranty with extended manufacturer’s drive warranty.

For further information visit; purchase through
primary source distributor Other World Computing via
or (800) 275-4576, and at other fine retailers.