New Application Eases the Task of Managing Paper and Online Receipts

SAN DIEGO, Calif.–November 15, 2006–GGT Enterprises, LLC announced
today the release of ReceiptWallet, a unique application for Mac OS X
that gives users the ability to easily scan, manage and archive
receipts, similar to the way in which Apple’s iPhoto application
organizes photographs. Made for individuals and organizations that
need to keep a handle on their paper and online receipts,
ReceiptWallet’s many features meet the needs of a wide variety of
users, simplifying the tedious process of cataloging receipts.

“With all the hype about the ‘paperless office,’ I find it amazing
that a Mac application like ReceiptWallet didn’t already exist,” said
Scott Gruby, GGT Enterprises’ founder and manager. “Using
ReceiptWallet has reduced my huge mess of a receipt folder into a
simple and organized application, eliminating a major frustration and
allowing me to recapture unproductive time.”

It’s easy to import receipts into ReceiptWallet’s library. Paper
receipts, even those that span multiple pages, can be scanned
directly from any TWAIN-compatible scanner with the push of a button.
Web-based receipts can be saved as PDF files from any Mac web
browser, then imported into ReceiptWallet.

Once imported, values for merchant name, date, amount, payment type,
category and other fields are entered and stored with the receipt.
ReceiptWallet keeps track of entries for fields like merchant and
payment type and saves time by auto-completing entries when the user
has typed the first few letters. Custom, user-defined fields provide
flexibility, and there’s even room to enter notes for each receipt.
Receipts are stored as PDFs, keeping storage requirements to a
minimum and image quality high.

Individual receipts can be selected from either the thumbnail or
sortable list views and placed into collections for trouble-free
organization. For example, one collection could include all the
receipts from a business trip, while another could include receipts
for tax-deductible medical expenses. ReceiptWallet takes this
capability one step further with the inclusion of smart collections,
which automatically group receipts based on various criteria,
including merchant name, date and category. A smart collection could
include all receipts that contain the words “restaurant” or “dinner”
in the notes field, and new receipts would appear in the smart
collection automatically as they are imported.

ReceiptWallet leverages several Apple technologies in Mac OS X 10.4
“Tiger” to provide the best user experience possible. Spotlight
indexing provides content-based searching, allowing specific receipts
to be located quickly, with just a few keystrokes. ReceiptWallet can
also archive receipts to CD with Apple’s Disc Burning functionality,
allowing receipts to be stored off the main drive, but visible in the
library when the CD containing them is inserted. And thanks to
AppleScript support, users can attach receipts to emails at the click
of a button or even create scripts to further automate and customize
receipt importing.


ReceiptWallet is available immediately as an electronic download from for an introductory price of $29.95. A
fully-functional, 21-day trial is also available from ReceiptWallet is a Universal application that
runs natively on both Intel and PowerPC systems running Mac OS X
10.4.8 or later.


GGT Enterprises,, provides software
development services and develops and markets its own application
software and utilities for Mac OS X. GGT Enterprises is based in San
Diego, California.