Announces Version 5.1 of PodSalvage, CameraSalvage,
and OfficeSalvage

Data recovery software for Mac OS X comes with a new interface,
Auto-Renaming feature, and support for Intel Macs

Union City, CA November 9th, 2006 — Inc., a software
company focusing on system utility and data recovery software,
announced the immediate availability of the latest versions of the
entire salvage range of software. Based on the popular SubRosaSoft’s
FileSalvage, the latest generation of the Mac OS X software
incorporates a new and streamlined interface, support for Intel based
Macs, and an auto file-renaming feature.

SubRosaSoft’s Salvage range of applications are designed to restore
files that have been accidentally deleted, have become unreadable due
to media faults, or were stored on a drive before it was
re-initialized or formatted. The software applications are device and
file system independent, allowing the users to recover files from a
normal Mac OS hard drive, USB key, Linux disk, Windows drive,
Mac/Windows BootCamp drive, FLASH card, scratched CD, and almost any
other media or file system that can be recognized in Mac OS X.

To enhance the user experience, the new Salvage applications include
an Auto-Rename feature. Unlike most data recovery software available
on the market, Version 5 of the Salvage range can reconstruct the
file names of the more popular file formats (such as JPEG, MP3, M4A,
etc), making the recovered files much easier to identify.

One of the biggest developments since the release of Mac OS X, the
Intel based Macs provide an astonishing level of performance. The new
Salvage applications are optimized for Intel based Macs. And just
like the other SubRosaSoft key products such as MacForensicsLab and
VolumeWorks, SubRosaSoft Salvage 5.1’s are Universal Binary
applications. They are designed to run at peak performance on any Mac

Even with such features and the performance, the Salvage range of
products are extremely straightforward to use. The new and
easy-to-use interface is designed for all OS X users. The whole
recovery operation can be completed with a few clicks.

* Risk free trial version – see what data can be recovered before you purchase.

* File Preview – see what you are going to get before you recover
your deleted file(s).

* Auto Renamer – reconstructs file names of popular file formats
(JPEG, MP3, M4A, and etc…),

* Easy-to-use interface – reduces data recovery process to a few clicks.

* Device and file system independent – allows recovery from almost any media.

* Works on faulty hardware – recovers data from mechanically
unsounded disks or corrupted devices.

* Safety first – protects writing to the disk or device being salvaged from.

* Searches free space – limits scan only the free space of a volume
to recover files from.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

SubRosaSoft’s Salvage software version 5.1 are available now and
require Mac OS X 10.3.5 or above (built for Tiger)

MSRP $49.95 for MSRP plus shipping for the CD version or $39.95 for
download only

For more information on PodSalvage, please visit


User of PodSalvage version 4.0 or below can upgrade to 5.0 for $14.95
(download) and $24.95 (CD media) plus shipping.

For more information on CameraSalvage, please visit


User of CameraSalvage version 4.0 or below can upgrade to 5.0 for
$14.95 (download) and $24.95 (CD media) plus shipping.

For more information on OfficeSalvage, please visit


User of OfficeSalvage version 4.0 or below can upgrade to 5.0 for
$14.95 (download) and $24.95 (CD media) plus shipping.

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