New pdfToolbox2 Plug-Ins for Adobe Acrobat 8

pdfColorConvert, pdfCorrect, and pdfLayerMaker – well-known and
established PDF tools by callas software for professional colour
conversion, the correction of typical sources of printing errors, the
creation of layers, and the optimization of PDF files – are now
available for Adobe Acrobat Standard and Professional Version 8.

Berlin, November 8 2006 – With impeccable timing, callas software has
announced the immediate availability of these tried and tested
pdfToolbox2 tools as special plug-ins that have been optimized for
the new Adobe Acrobat 8. pdfColorConvert, pdfCorrect, and
pdfLayerMaker now allow you to carry out extensive and professional
colour conversions, to correct common sources of error in printing,
and to create layers in PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Standard and
Professional Version 8.

The user-friendly plug-ins are based on the most up-to-date PDF
technology – which is also used in the new Acrobat 8. They already
provide native support for MacIntel processors in current Apple
Macintosh computers as well as Vista, Microsoft’s new operating
system for Windows environments.

callas software used the extensive PDF expertise that it has gathered
during many years of developing Acrobat Professional preflight
functionality to modify the tools to suit the requirements of Adobe
8. The preflight module developed by the Berlin-based company has
effectively set the standard for the professional checking of PDF
files in the print industry since Acrobat Professional Version 6.

Anyone who uses PDF as a professional data format – in pre-pressing,
printing, and publishing at publishing houses and agencies – will
benefit from pdfToolbox2, which contains all the tools required for
making necessary repairs: pdfColorConvert allows non-expert users to
quickly and easily modify colours directly in the PDF to meet
different print conditions or to convert spot colours to CMYK at the
click of a mouse button. pdfCorrect locates and corrects more than 60
different problems that can occur in the professional printing
process and pdfLayerMaker separates and sorts page objects into
layers, to make them accessible for editing.

Upgrading to Acrobat 8 is a trouble-free process for existing users
of callas software products: Registered users can simply download the
new plug-ins as a free update from callas software’s Web site or
using the links referenced below.

Users who are not yet familiar with the features of the plug-ins but
are interested in learning more can download a 30-day, fully
functional trial version from the callas software Web site.

Download links for pdfColorConvert, pdfCorrect, pdfLayoutMaker:

Download links for pdfToolbox2, which contains all three plug-ins and
more information on pdfToolbox, pdfColorConvert, pdfCorrect, and
pdfLayerMaker, see