OpenBase SQL 10.0 Ships

New FREE single-server OpenBase SQL Solo license removes barriers to
entry; includes reporting package

New features include support for Universal Binaries; bundled Form
Designer software; FREE OpenBase Unlimited license for REALbasic

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA – November 8, 2006 — OpenBase
International, Ltd. today shipped OpenBase SQL 10.0, the latest
version of the fault-tolerant database engine proven in businesses of
all kinds for more than 15 years.

Enhanced performance and features

OpenBase SQL 10 offers significantly enhanced performance,
development and deployment capabilities, including: bundled OpenBase
Forms and Form Designer software simplifying database input form
design; new SQL features; an AppleScript interface; REALbasic
Connectivity Module; advanced WebObjects plugin; Universal Binary
support; Ruby on Rails support; new PHP5 module; new APIs; and more.

“OpenBase SQL 10, combined with the performance of the new Apple
Intel hardware, really kicks it up a notch,” says George Domurot,
President & CEO at Box Office Tickets Inc.
( “We run multiple copies of
OpenBase SQL 10 in multiple data centers. It’s so stable, we can
forget that it’s there. We’ve been using OpenBase SQL for almost a
decade now-and it has kept up with our growing business needs.”

Free single-server license

OpenBase SQL Solo is a new FREE single-server license, local-access
version of OpenBase SQL 10, which also includes On-Target Reports for
simpler report-building. It is available at no charge for website
deployment and single-user applications.

“There’s a reason the OpenBase development community is so
energized,” says Alex Cone, CEO of the systems integration and
consulting firm CodeFab ( “OpenBase SQL is so
easy to use and configure, there’s no need for a DBA to get between
the developer and the database. And the new free OpenBase SQL Solo
license removes cost barriers, so developers can start projects with
the same industrial-strength technology they use to finish them.”

Commercial-strength capabilities

OpenBase SQL 10 is also one of the first databases to deliver full
support for Universal Binaries for REALbasic versions that support
multiple architectures. Combined with a bundled copy of Code Builder,
the code generation system for creating object persistence in
REALbasic, OpenBase SQL 10 delivers the ideal development environment
for serious business applications.

“We put OpenBase SQL 10 at the heart of Xsilva LightSpeed, our
next-generation Point-of-Sale system for Mac OS X built on
REALbasic,” says Dax Dasilva, CEO at Xsilva Systems
( “Our customers are thrilled by the power and
performance-especially those running on Apple’s new Intel hardware.”

Simpler data conversion and support for 64-bit architectures

FileMaker2OpenBase software, which converts FileMaker databases to
OpenBase SQL, has also been updated to support the latest versions of
FileMaker, making it easy for FileMaker users to convert their data
sets and take advantage of OpenBase SQL. OpenBase also announced that
it will be providing 64-bit builds of OpenBase SQL for all 64-bit
architectures in the near future.


New capabilities in the latest version of OpenBase SQL include:

* Bundled Forms and Form Designer – OpenBase Forms, Form Designer and
Wizard software is bundled into all Commercial OpenBase SQL 10
Licenses, making it easy for users to quickly build their own fully
functional database interfaces

* Enhanced performance & less memory – Applications run faster and
require less memory, especially when evaluating complex queries and
sub-queries. Some operations run 70 times faster

* Native AppleScript Result Sets – Now AppleScript applications can
execute SQL and fetch database results natively

* New & Updated Interfaces – Including: Automator Actions, PHP5,
Omnis DAM, Ruby on Rails, REALbasic Connectivity Module, Universal
Binary APIs, Java 1.5 JDBC, enhanced WebObjects Plugin, and more

* New SQL Features – Including: ANSI SQL Join syntax, enhanced VIEWs,
server-side variables, INSERT INTO SELECT, REPLACE INTO, and more

* Stored Procedure Languages – Including: OpenScript 3.0,
Objective-C, Java, REALbasic and F-Script stored procedures

* Server-side Cursors – By caching a query result on the server,
which can then be incrementally navigated, this feature reduces the
need to return entire result sets to client applications

* REALbasic Connectivity Module – Written using 100% REALbasic code,
this module mimics standard REALbasic database APIs to provide
complete cross-platform and Universal Binary support for REALbasic
applications. The module also supports advanced OpenBase features,
such as Application Change Notification

* Bundled Code Builder for REALbasic – This REALbasic code generation
system creates persistent objects and effective database management,
using standard REALbasic APIs. The tool is included at no cost,
although additional support and maintenance packages are recommended

* On-Target Reports – Now bundled with OpenBase SQL Solo licenses,
this tool greatly simplifies building reports from your database data
For technical details, visit: (

Removing the barriers to innovation

Also new with OpenBase SQL 10 are new licensing and bundled software
that empower both developers and users:

* FREE OpenBase Solo – This local-access OpenBase SQL version offers
unrestricted throughput for applications and web-servers requiring
local database access, and is available at no charge. OpenBase Solo
comes with developer tools and a free license to On-Target Reports

To download OpenBase Solo, visit: (

* FREE OpenBase Unlimited for REALbasic – The FREE unlimited-user
license for REALbasic developers provides unrestricted access when
using the OpenBase Connectivity Module for REALbasic. OpenBase
Unlimited for REALbasic includes Code Builder and a free license to
On-Target Reports

* OpenBase Network 5, Network 25 and Network Unlimited commercial
licenses – These new licenses feature a bundled copy of Form
Designer, automated backups, and support all the commercial tools
that come with OpenBase SQL. Visit (
for details

* OpenBase Forms and Form Designer – Bundled into OpenBase SQL 10,
this innovative software empowers users and developers to quickly
create data input and management forms that complement their web
applications. OpenBase Forms and Form Designer use a unique
hierarchical “storyboard panel” approach to organizing information
that helps users find what they need-fast. The average form takes
less than 60 seconds to build. Both OpenBase Forms and Form Designer
are now compiled in the Universal Binary for Mac OS X

For more information visit: (

About OpenBase

OpenBase SQL relational database servers deliver the scalable
performance and fault-tolerant data protection e-business demands.
Proven in realworld applications since 1991, OpenBase SQL has become
the database of choice for innovative, business-critical applications
on Mac OS X and other popular computing platforms. In addition to
database performance and integrity, OpenBase SQL solutions come with
industry-leading features that are simply unavailable–or cost much
more–on other databases. These include built-in, server-based
support for Java stored procedures and e-commerce functions, such as
credit card payment processing and automated email correspondence.

OpenBase SQL databases run on all of today’s popular platforms: Mac
OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows; and support all of today’s open
standard and de facto tools and interfaces, with native support for
WebObjects 5, Java, SOAP, 4D, REALbasic, ODBC Support, PHP, Perl,
Cocoa, Ruby on Rails and more. OpenBase International also partners
with other leading software providers to deliver higher level
solutions that further reduce cost and risk.