Mac Goes Gold!

Skype today released the gold version of its popular communications
software, Skype for Mac 2.0. With Skype for Mac 2.0 users enjoy
completely free voice and video calls to other Skype users, no matter
where they are. Calls to traditional and mobile phones can be made at
extremely low rates. Skype for Mac was designed specifically for Mac
users with a sleek interface and intuitive functionality.

Skype has already taken off with the Mac community. One member of the
Skype community, Daniel, uses Skype to keep in touch with his family
and business partners. Daniel works in ship repair and often finds
himself traveling for business. Skype for Mac has allowed Daniel to
laugh and connect with friends and family on business trips when he
misses them most. Additionally, he is able to use Skype to conduct
business without the overhead cost of traditional phones.

Skype for Mac 2.0 gold can be downloaded at

IPEVO Brings Xing
In support of today’s Mac announcement, Skype partner IPEVO has
announced the release of the IPEVO Xing, a soon-to-be Skype
Certified, Mac-compatible Speakerphone. The IPEVO Xing is available
in the U.S. and internationally for $129.99 through
Other Mac products are available online through Skype’s online
hardware store.