XtremeMac today announced its new TuffWrap silicone cases, designed to fit the newest version of Apple’s iPod nano. The TuffWrap cases are offered in several translucent and opaque colors and are available for pre-order now for US$29.95. “TuffWrap is a rugged silicone case designed to protect the iPod nano from scratches and dings while offering access to all controls and ports. It features ridged sides for grip, as well as removable click wheel and screen protectors. Sculpted from a thin, soft silicone, the click wheel protector is a form-fitting insert that offers tactile identification of the click wheel and center button. The screen protector is a hard plastic insert edged with soft rubber to prevent direct contact and scratching of the iPod screen. The TuffWrap case also includes a detachable belt clip that rotates and locks in a variety of positions and secures excess earbud cord.”