Quark launches QuarkXPress Server 7

Quark takes dynamic publishing to a new level with on-demand creative

CHICAGO – October 16, 2006 – Quark Inc. announced today the launch of
QuarkXPress Server 7, a dynamic publishing technology that combines the
design power and collaboration functionality of QuarkXPress with proven
server-based performance to deliver an unparalleled solution for producing
creative Web-based or data-driven communications. “We are proud of our
achievements with QuarkXPress Server 7 because it empowers our customers to
communicate and collaborate through the Web to deliver outstanding
products,” said Nick Howard, Quark director of enterprise products. “Our
customers and partners will notice that we have changed the product name
from Quark Dynamic Document Server to better represent this technology,
which is the server edition of QuarkXPress.”

By employing a Web-based, template-driven process, the technology empowers
channel and business users to preview communications online, customize
design and content, and print locally or remotely. Users can develop and
deploy data-driven applications to automate production, eliminate redundant
steps, and publish to multiple channels. QuarkXPress Server can be easily
integrated with existing IT infrastructures and data sources and is
typically offered as part of a packaged solution from a Quark system
integrator or OEM partner.

“This significant release of QuarkXPress Server provides a real growth
opportunity for the company by extending the richness of QuarkXPress
throughout the enterprise. By focusing on high-value design and production
capabilities, QuarkXPress Server presents ordinary business users with the
potential to increase their capacity to touch customers with persuasive
on-demand creative communications, support continued brand reinforcement,
develop more timely and focused campaigns, and improve productivity without
having to be graphic artists. Enterprises can now provide a means for their
employees to create these effective communications while ensuring
conformance with company and brand standards and requirements,” said
Michael Maziarka, director of InfoTrends.

QuarkXPress Server incorporates the new features of QuarkXPress 7, granting
users access to productivity-enhancing functionality, such as
layout-independent spaces and Job Jackets technology for collaboration, and
enhancements for variable-data printing, including Personalized Print
Markup Language (PPML) and optimized PDF output support. “The QuarkXPress
Server technology drives solutions for customers in a variety of markets.
We have been listening to our customers about providing outstanding
software tools for design, collaboration, and production with QuarkXPress
Server,” said Richard Pasewark, Quark senior vice president of sales
(Americas) and marketing. “We know from early customer feedback that
QuarkXPress Server will continue to add value by enhancing collaborative
user access and automating design and production deliverables.”

QuarkXPress Server includes QuarkXPress Server Manager, a tool that
centralizes system administration, manages processing load on multiple
servers, and provides reporting on automated publishing tasks. QuarkXPress
Server Manager enhances the on-going support of industry standards to which
Quark is committed by providing high-level programming interfaces,
including HTTP, SOAP, PHP, .NET/ASP, and Java/JSP.

Quark partners with software developers and system integrators to deliver
QuarkXPress Server solutions that enable advertising automation, catalog
production, Web-to-print, and one-to-one marketing. Existing partners such
as DeskNet, GLUON, and Stibo Catalog have been vital to the growth of Quark
in the market, and new partners are committing to support the technology
every day. Such partners include Capps Digital, Integrated Software,
Intuitive Solutions Group, ONUS LLC, Responsive Software, and RoboCatalog.

To learn more about QuarkXPress Server 7 and to view a complete list of
partners, visit the Quark Web site at www.quark.com/Server7.

Quark at Graph Expo
Quark is demonstrating QuarkXPress Server 7 in booth 4807 this week at
Graph Expo and Converting Expo in Chicago. The expo runs from October 15-18.

About QuarkXPress Server
QuarkXPress Server is the application technology formerly known as Quark
Dynamic Document Server (QuarkDDS). The new name more accurately reflects
the product’s core QuarkXPress design-and-print functionality in addition
to its integration and automation capabilities. Quark system integrator and
OEM partners have already deployed this technology in many production
environments. References to these applications include solutions deployed
under both names: QuarkDDS and QuarkXPress Server.

About Quark
Quark Inc. (www.quark.com) is an innovative software company providing
design, production, and collaboration solutions that are transforming the
business of creative communications. Quark has provided award-winning
software for professional publishers since its flagship product,
QuarkXPress, changed the course of traditional publishing. Founded in 1981,
Denver-based Quark Inc. is privately held.