Monday, October 16, 2006

24U Software upgraded 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In to version 2.0. This
plug-in allows for highlighting text and rectangular areas with a
user-defined color. The version 2.0 newly also generates pictures from
numeric data and runs natively in FileMaker Pro 8.5 on both PowerPC and
Intel based Macs!

24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In is now both open source and shareware! A
complete commented source code for limited free functionality is
distributed with the plug-in, while additional advanced features can be
unlocked for a fee after 14-day trial period. Registration is not required
to use the free functions.

What is new in the version 2.0:

– Full featured shareware product with open-source functions
– Universal Binary – runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs
– Works with FileMaker 7.0, 8.0 and 8.5
– Draws color rectangles in container based on numeric data (paid)
– Genarates images from FileMaker calculations (paid)
– Retrieves color information from a picture (paid)

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What is 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In?

24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In adds highlighting and picture manipulation
functions to FileMaker solutions. Portion of the plug-in is distributed as
free, open source sample code describing 24U FM Template usage and
FileMaker Pro plug-ins programming. Advanced functions are distributed as a

Primary features:

– Highlights occurrences of search string in text (free)
– Preserves original formatting of every single character (free)
– Fills rectangular area with a color, optionally transparent (free)
– Returns container type data (free)
– Draws color rectangles in container fields based on numeric data (paid)
– Genarates images from FileMaker calculations (paid)
– Retrieves color information from a picture (paid)
– Commented C++ source code included for free functions
– Project for Visual Studio .NET 2003 and XCode 2.3
– Bonus sample C++ functions for container data generation

Attractive prices of 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In:

License for 1 user is $48 US, additional users pay just $24 US or less!
Developer licenses start at $349 for a license limited to 20 concurrent users!

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