Symantec Introduces the First Transaction Security Solution

That Protects Macintosh Users From Phishing Web Sites

Norton Confidential for Macintosh Protects Against Online Fraud When
Shopping and Banking Online

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Oct. 11, 2006 – Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) announced
today that Norton Confidential is now available for Macintosh users. Norton
Confidential for Macintosh is an online transaction security solution
designed to protect users when they’re most vulnerable: while banking or
shopping online and about to submit passwords, account numbers or other
personal information.

Norton Confidential for Macintosh protects users against fraudulent Web
sites that may be “phishing” to steal users’ identities when they’re
logging in, making a purchase, registering for a service, or otherwise
sharing confidential data online. Looking for known threats and suspicious
behavior, Norton Confidential for Macintosh inspects Web sites before users
interact with them and automatically blocks private information from attack.

There is significant reason for consumers to take precautions when it comes
to online security. According to Symantec’s most recent Internet Security
Threat Report, during the first six months of 2006, the Symantec Probe
Network detected 157,477 unique phishing messages. This is an increase of
81 percent over the 86,906 unique phishing messages that were detected in
the last half of 2005.

“Unlike viruses and spyware, Macintosh users face the same phishing threats
as consumers who use PCs. That’s why Macintosh users should take the same
security precautions as PC users when transacting online,” said Enrique
Salem, group president, Consumer Business Unit, Symantec Corp. “Norton
Confidential gives Macintosh enthusiasts the peace-of-mind and confidence
to bank, shop, or conduct other sensitive transactions online without
worrying if their personal information has been compromised.”

Norton Confidential for Macintosh features built-in vulnerability
protection to prevent identity thieves from exploiting newly discovered
application and operating system vulnerabilities. Additionally, Norton
Confidential for Macintosh protects highly personal information-such as
social security and credit card numbers-from being sent online without
users’ permission. It also lets users lock down personally important files
on their Mac, preventing them from being deleted or tampered with-whether
deliberately by hackers or inadvertently by friends or family-or even from
being opened without a user’s permission.

Essential for comprehensive protection, Norton Confidential for Macintosh
works in tandem with existing Symantec and other Internet security and
antivirus solutions, providing a new layer of security against new types of
threats. Prior to login, purchase, or other online interactions, Norton
Confidential for Macintosh automatically inspects Web sites for known
threats and suspicious behavior and helps protect your highly sensitive
data from getting phished by identity thieves.

Norton Confidential for Macintosh provides easy-to-use online security
protection so users are up and running in no time. A Norton Confidential
for Macintosh toolbar sits below the user’s Internet browser toolbar,
giving consumers constant reassurance that their online transactions are
secure. Norton Confidential for Macintosh features a single, bold and
simple indicator that communicates fraud threat levels-when on a secure
site, users see a green indicator with the words “Site verified.”

Norton Confidential for Macintosh’s key features include:

* Phishing Protection – Norton Confidential safeguards users from visiting
and/or submitting confidential information to known and unknown phishing

* File Guard – File Guard locks down important files to protect users’ data
from getting tampered, whether by a hacker or accidental deletion by a
friend or family member.

* Information Guard – Information Guard ensures confidential information
such as government issued identification numbers, credit card numbers, or
even address or telephone numbers can’t leave without the permission of the

* Vulnerability Protection – This type of protection is commonly described
by security professionals as a “network intrusion protection system” or an
intrusion prevention system (IPS).” Vulnerability protection delivers same
day protection against operating system and application attacks, rather
than weeks later as with operating system and application patches.

Pricing and Availability

Norton Confidential for Macintosh is scheduled to be available for purchase
through the Symantec online store at, as well as
various retail locations and online retailers in October 2006. The
suggested retail price of Norton Confidential for Macintosh is US$49.99
(includes one-year subscription to receive Symantec’s protection updates
via LiveUpdate).

About Symantec

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