FileWave announces complete support for Windows and Linux

Software distribution and asset management with FileWave will be possible
in future even in pure Windows environments and on Linux clients

Wil, Switzerland, October 11, 2006 — During the FileWave User’s Conference
in Lucerne Switzerland on September 28-29, FileWave, the technological
leader for software management tools on Windows and Mac OS X systems,
announced an important expansion of its multi-platform software management
suite FileWave: in the course of 2007, the components FileWave Server and
FileWave Booster will for the first time be made available for systems
based on Linux and Windows. FileWave Admin will also be made available for
Windows. In addition, the company is developing the FileWave Client for

Originally a program designed exclusively for Macintosh, FileWave today
supports the installation and configuration of software on Windows clients.
But the administrative components have previously always required Mac OS X
as an operating system.

“Where Apple Macintosh is concerned, FileWave offers unique functionality
and speed during the distribution and installation of software even in
large networks with several thousand clients,” explains Ben Forsyth, CEO
and Head of Development at FileWave USA. “The porting of FileWave on
Windows and Linux makes our technology available for additional platforms
— FileWave will consequently become a cross-platform solution for software
distribution and asset management in the future.”

About FileWave

FileWave develops, sells, and integrates the software management tools
FileWave and Asset Trustee. The products are used for the distribution,
capture, and administration of software applications in company-wide Apple
Macintosh-based network environments. FileWave solutions are in use at such
companies as Nike, Jung von Matt, Burda, Scholz & Friends, Focus,
Gruner+Jahr, LEGO, Publicis, and Viacom. For additional information, log
onto: (