October 7, 2006 – Runtime Labs, a premiere provider of Mac database
tools, today released a preview version of MacSQL 3.1. MacSQL is a
robust solution for database management on the Macintosh. A fully
AppleScriptable application, MacSQL provides web authors, publishers,
and developers with a simple, graphical way to interact with SQL

MacSQL 3.1 is a significant upgrade that includes a Job Manager to
schedule unattended database backups, support for generating E-R
Diagrams, and updated support for the latest versions of MySQL,
PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and OpenBase. MacSQL 3.1 is a
Universal application that runs natively on both PowerPC- and
Intel-based Macintosh computers. In total there are over 100 new
features and bug fixes in this update.

MacSQL supports native connections to MySQL, Oracle, Sybase,
PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, OpenBase and FrontBase. MacSQL
includes a graphical query editor that allows building complex
database queries (including joins) without having to know SQL. Other
features include a comprehensive Schema Viewer for viewing and
editing schema, a Create Table Tool for designing new tables, the
ability to generate PHP and Embed Perl pages, FileMaker Pro
synchronization, import of text files, and export of data in
tab-delimited, CVS, SQL commands, XML, HTML, or Microsoft Excel


The final release of MacSQL 3.1 will be available later this year and
is a free upgrade for all users of MacSQL 3.0. Both the preview
release of MacSQL 3.1 and MacSQL 3.0 are available for download from
(http://www.rtlabs.com/). New copies are $249 and a Lite version with
a limited feature set is available for $99. Unregistered copies of
MacSQL 3.0 run in demo mode allowing full functionality (except
saving documents) for up to twenty launches in 60 days. MacSQL 3.1
requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and access to a supported database.

About Runtime Labs

Runtime Labs is a small, highly skilled software development shop
established in July 2000. Runtime Labs’ mission is to develop
innovative software products specifically designed to meet the needs
of the Macintosh Community.