iSkin today announced the release of the SiLo protector for the iPod nano. The new SiLo demonstrates iSkin’s fashion forward design for technology and includes a host of features that makes it an industry first. SiLo (silicone inside, leather outside) dual-layer design makes it an ideal way to protect the iPod nano with a focus on style and elegance, notes the company. SiLo is crafted from premium genuine leather and styled in two-tone color combinations with up-market sophistication. Its inner silicone layer (iSkin slims) protects the iPod against shock and surface wear from everyday use and is encapsulated by its elegant leather exterior. iSkin SiLo is currently available only for the first generation iPod nano with an updated version for the second generation iPod nano to follow. iSkin SiLo retails for US$49.99. The iSkin slims are sold separately in 5-packs at $29.99 each. The SiLo, slims, DuoBand and Duo for nano, all can be purchased online from the Web site.