–Premier Technology Offers Significant Optimization of
Post-production Workflow with File Search, Cataloguing and Metadata

St. Louis, Missouri, September 25, 2006 — Studio Network Solutions
(SNS), a premier developer and worldwide solutions provider of
optimized audio/video shared storage and networking technologies for
the media and entertainment industries, announces the public beta
release of Postmap, the company’s new search and management software
for post-production workgroups, quickly locates folders and files
stored locally, remotely, offline or online.

Postmap users can easily create and attach enhanced metadata to
describe and classify specific files and folders to reduce search
times, share production notes, and organize customized files to
significantly enhance the workflow process. The capability to rapidly
find, catalogue and manage files is a post-production solution
developed to fill the void between simple OS-native search tools and
highly complex Digital Asset Management applications. The software is
designed for both Mac OS and Windows operating systems.

Postmap is designed to accommodate post-production workgroups that
operate in a single office or in more complex environments wherein
users are distributed throughout multiple locations. The technology’s
unique architecture allows its backend components, the Postmap
Server, Indexer and Database, to be installed on a single computer or
distributed across multiple computers on any Ethernet network. This
distributed architecture enables users at any location to search the
indexed contents of all scanned storage including SAN file servers,
and removable storage such as FireWire drives and DVDs.

Postmap Features and Benefits

Postmap offers a highly flexible platform of utilities that can be
easily tailored to the needs of creative workgroups of all sizes. Due
to the software’s integration of features, the Postmap database can
be quickly searched to find a file and to ascertain if that file is
part of a workflow and what steps have been completed in the
workflow. The suite of highly customizable features include the

Scan/Search – sophisticated searching and indexing capabilities to
schedule and selectively scan the contents of SANs, file servers,
FireWire/USB disks, CDs and DVDs. The scanning process creates a
searchable, online database of file metadata such as file name,
location, author and more. This metadata store is available for query
by all Postmap clients even if the scanned storage is online,
offline, or remote.

Enhanced Metadata — capability to easily build customized templates
(digital forms) including free text fields, date fields, keywords,
hyperlinks, and more. All users can use templates to describe files
and folders with structured information. The complete meta-data store
can be queried to quickly locate files or folders throughout a
company’s storage system.

Workflow — extends the enhanced metadata feature to enable a company
to easily define the steps in “workflow scenarios” allowing users to
set the status of a project file as it progresses through a custom
workflow. Users can add information to metadata fields such as
“Production Notes” that exist on the workflow form and it may be
configured to send informative, automated emails at “step completion”
to pre-defined recipient lists.

Postmap is currently available to the industry as public beta and is
scheduled for launch during the fourth quarter of 2006. For more
information about Postmap or to participate in beta testing visit

About Studio Network Solutions

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) is a leading developer and provider of
technologies for production storage, networking and workflow
efficiency for the media and entertainment industries. The company
offers proven software and hardware solutions for digital artists
working in production companies, studios, and corporate media
production. The company’s solutions are deployed by large and
small-scale media and entertainment companies worldwide. For more
information or to contact the company go to
www.studionetworksolutions.com or call (877) 537.2094.