Latest Compression Software Includes File Management Features and
Support for New Encrypted Zip Format

Aliso Viejo, CA — September 21, 2006 — Smith Micro Software, Inc.
(NASDAQ: SMSI) today released StuffIt Deluxe 11.0, the latest version
of its innovative data compression, access, and management solution
for Mac OS X. The newly redesigned Universal Binary version of
StuffIt Deluxe introduces StuffIt Archive Manager, providing native
support for Intel based Macs, and featuring a number of improvements
to its core compression engine. These improvements deliver faster
compression and decompression speeds, especially evident on
dual-processor or dual-core Macs. With the addition of StuffIt
Archive Manager, StuffIt Deluxe places an increased emphasis on file
management. StuffIt Archive Manager works by grouping related files
together into “Collections.” These Collections allow the user to work
with a set of files in a single list view regardless of their
location on the hard drive. The default set of Collections included
with StuffIt Archive Manager are designed to help the user work with
their archived data. For example, clicking the “StuffIt Collection”
button creates a list of all the StuffIt archives found on the user’s

StuffIt Archive Manager allows users to create their own
fully-customizable Collections. By using simple search criteria, a
custom Collection allows the user to be more specific in determining
what items are returned as part of a list. Users will find it easy to
create a custom Collection that only includes archives that were
created or downloaded within the last week. Also, custom Collections
are not limited to archive files; they can include any file type.
StuffIt Archive Manager can be used to group together all the files
associated with a particular project so that they can be quickly
archived. StuffIt Archive Manager is tightly integrated with Apple’s
Spotlight search technology to ensure that Collections are
dynamically updated. Files that have just been received or created
are automatically added to the appropriate collection without any
further user input.

StuffIt Archive Manager also allows users to preview JPEG images
found in StuffIt archives. Users will be able to take greater
advantage of our patent-pending JPEG compression technology which
compresses files by up to 30% without compromising image quality.

StuffIt Deluxe offers many benefits: For example, the application
greatly expands the Zip format support in the Mac OS X Finder. It
also supports the creation of encrypted Zip archives and provides Mac
users with the ability to open “strong encrypted” Windows Zip
archives that originated on a PC. Furthermore, it enables users to
add new content to an existing Zip file. The application’s improved
Zip compression technology permits users to create Zip archives that
are smaller than those created by the Finder, while retaining full
compatibility with all existing Zip applications on both Macs and
Windows-based computers. StuffIt Deluxe even allows Spotlight to look
inside Zip archives while searching for files.

“StuffIt Deluxe can serve as a ‘Rosetta Stone’ for Mac users,” said
Matthew Covington, Director of StuffIt Product Management. “StuffIt
is able to seamlessly expand, decode and open data in virtually any
format, including several increasingly-popular Zip encryption methods
that the Finder doesn’t support.”

StuffIt Deluxe makes extensive use of the Spotlight search technology
included in Mac OS X. Users can quickly view a list of archived items
simply by viewing the “More Info” section of the Finder’s “Get Info”
tab. StuffIt’s search feature now extends the range of Spotlight to
include the ability to search for archived files that are stored
“offline” on CDs, DVDs, or remote servers. The ability to search
offline locations is enabled by the new “Archive Index” feature.
Users will be able to create a StuffIt X (.sitx) archive to be stored
offline and have the option to create an “Index” version of that
archive at the same time. Acting as a proxy archive, an “Index
Archive” contains a list of all the files and folders contained in
its parent archive. At a fraction of the size of the full archive,
the Index Archive can be stored on the user’s local Mac even if the
full version of the archive is moved to another storage drive. The
full version of the archive is required only when the user needs to
access files contained in the archive.

Key Features

*- Manage archives with StuffIt Archive Manager

*- Create StuffIt Collections

*- Create StuffIt, Zip, and TAR archives

*- Create encrypted StuffIt and Zip archives

*- Supports AES 256bit and RC4 512bit encryption within the StuffIt X
file format

*- Opens Zip archives created with WinZip AES strong encryption

*- Expands over 20 different compressed, encoded, or archived file types

*- Browse the contents of StuffIt, Zip, TAR, and RAR archives

*- Change the contents of StuffIt and Zip archives

*- Compress JPEG images by up to 30% with no quality degradation

*- Create StuffIt, TAR, and Zip archives using Automator

*- Search StuffIt, Zip, TAR, and RAR archives using Spotlight

*- Create Index Archives that allow users to browse and search
offline archives contents

*- Schedule file backups with StuffIt Archive Assistant

*- Archive directly to CDs and DVDs

*- Automatically save new archives to a .Mac iDisk or an FTP server

*- Preview JPEG photos and images in StuffIt archives

*- Significant improvements to the multi-threading compression engine
(including speed enhancements)

*- Now Universal Binary

Whether sending or receiving files, photos, or other information from
a PC or a Mac, StuffIt provides a complete solution for accessing,
organizing and archiving your data. From simple tasks to complex
projects, StuffIt is your complete compression and archive solution.

Pricing, Availability and Requirements
The MSRP for StuffIt Deluxe 11.0 is $79.99. The application is
available from Smith Micro and popular retailers, catalogs and
distribution partners worldwide.

Registered users of any version of StuffIt Deluxe or StuffIt Standard
Edition can upgrade to StuffIt Deluxe 11.0 for just $29.99. This
upgrade offer is good until March 31, 2007. To upgrade, please visit:

System Requirements:
StuffIt Deluxe 11.0 requires Mac OS 10.3 or higher. The Spotlight
Importer and Automator scripting tool requires Mac OS 10.4.

To learn more about StuffIt and our complete line of software, visit:,, or

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