Berlin, September 19th, 2006 – The DMS (Digital Management Solutions
2006) in Cologne could not take place at a better time for callas
software, considering that the event focuses on PDF/A this year. Even
in the lead up to the show, the high-tech specialist in quality PDF
verification and conversion tools has enhanced its product portfolio
with a new PDF/A tool.

The pdfaPilot by callas software is a completely new kind of PDF/A
product. In contrast with callas software’s existing specialized
prepress PDF tools – the pdfToolbox for Adobe Acrobat and the CLI
automation tools – the pdfaPilot is aimed at users working in
archives, public authorities, and enterprises.

The pdfaPilot, a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, is specially designed for
users who need to quickly check whether existing PDF documents can be
archived as PDF/A. It allows users to save existing PDF files as PDF/
A-compliant files at the touch of a button. In order to facilitate
this, callas software has developed an extremely user-friendly
interface that enables the quick and easy analysis of existing PDF
files and the simple creation of ISO-compliant PDF/A files. This
powerful tool will be available from specialist callas software
dealers from December.

In addition to the plug-in for the Windows versions of Adobe Acrobat
Standard and Professional (from Version 6.0 in both cases), callas
software will also be offering a fully automatic pdfaPilot CLI
command-line module. The pdfaPilot CLI version can be quickly and
easily integrated into all modern, server-based digital workflow
systems as a high-performance tool to verifying, optimizing, and
converting PDF/A files. The pdfaPilot CLI will be available as a
command-line module for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Sun.

Background: For a long time, users and decision makers in public
institutions and enterprises have been searching for a uniform
standard for electronic documents that need to be stored for many
years for legal reasons or because of their historical value. The
recently prepared ISO 19005-1 standard defines PDF/A as the standard
for long-term archiving. PDF/A files are therefore a safe way of
ensuring the survival of the form and content of important documents
regardless of the platform used. callas software has been involved in
the formulation of the PDF/A standard from the start. callas software
developed the first tool for PDF/A verification in the form of the
preflight plug-in for Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional (which enables
PDF/ A validation from Version 7.0.7). The experience gained by
callas software in this area is now being applied to the creation of
documents and the conversion of existing PDF files to PDF/A.

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