Adobe Systems today announced that Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional (see related story) will be integrated into Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 Premium. The company says Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional enhances Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 and its support for Adobe PDF workflows with advanced tools for creating, collaborating, and controlling the output of high-quality Adobe PDF files. Creative Suite 2.3 Premium also bundles Dreamweaver 8, the company’s Web design and development tool. Adobe expects to ship Creative Suite 2.3 plus Dreamweaver 8 for Windows and Macintosh in English, French, German, and Japanese in the fourth quarter 2006. Estimated street prices will be US$1,199 for the full version of Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 Premium, $159 for an upgrade from Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium, and $549 for an upgrade from Creative Suite 1.x Premium and Standard.