Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC) has announced the availability of the 3ware Sidecar SATA II desktop storage solution, providing robust hardware RAID data protection for the Apple Power Mac G5. The 3ware Sidecar offers up to three terabytes in capacity and RAID 5 write speeds up to 150MB per second, making the solution ideal for professional audio and video, high-end graphics and workstation applications. With up to six times the speed of FireWire and USB 2.0, the 3ware Sidecar is comprised of a sleek 4-bay, external SATA desktop enclosure; a two-meter external SATA Multi-laneTM cable; a 3ware PCI Express to SATA II RAID controller and RAID management software. The AMCC 3ware Sidecar will begin shipping later this month for US$1,295.