Munich (Germany) / San Mateo, CA (USA) – September 6th, 2006: The
overall application functionality within CoverScout 2.1 has been
optimized. CoverScout 2.1 now offers an advanced search function, an
integrated size slider as well as new contextual menu items.

The search function has been extended now allowing the user to search
not only for artists but also entire albums. This enables the user to
be even more flexible. The inlcusion of a size slider, located
between the library browser and the artwork inspector, allows the
possibility to shrink and expand the preview size of the artwork
found. (The library browser lists the iTunes library content, devided
in a list of albums on the left and a list of all tracks of the
selected album on the right. The artwork inspector displays the
applied artwork for the selected album or lists artwork results.)
Additonally, equinux has added a few new minor features designed to
increase the usability of CoverScout – it provides new contextual
menu items to let the music play or to view the source of your music
files in the Finder. To conclude the 2.1 update a couple of bugs have
been exterminated. The issue causing covers to be displayed upside
down in 10.3.9 and 10.4 has been eliminated. Additionally, the issue
resulting in an Apple Script error when assigning art to multiple
albums has also been extinguished.

To enjoy CoverScout 2.1 and all new features iTunes 6.0.2 or higher
has to be installed. CoverScout users will be asked for the update
the next time they start the application. CoverScout is available for
purchase at

About equinux
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+++ Professional Line
The market-leading VPN Tracker is specifically designed for Mac users
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VPN Solution is a combination of the software, VPN Tracker and a
compatible hardware device, that allows any user to easily establish
a connection to access their office or home network. APC Tracker is
the intelligent software for connecting Uninterruptible Power
Supplies (UPS) from APC with Mac computers and servers. MacDial is a
Mac-compatible software application that dials telephone numbers from
Mac OS X programs, databases and the personal address book using
elmeg, Tiptel and Asterisk telephones.

+++ Consumer Line
iSale, the two time Apple Design Award winning and eBay certified
user-friendly application, allows users to sell products on eBay
easily. MediaCentral is employed by Mac users all over the world to
view their media in one application, from IP TV to movies. CoverScout
enables users to easily find and assign covers for their iTunes
libraries. On Air transforms the Mac into a broadcast studio and
allows to find, view, record and edit multiple video sources.

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