August 28, 2006 (Arlington, VA) Group Logic, the leading provider of
enterprise file transfer and Mac/Windows connectivity solutions,
today announced that Quad/Graphics, the largest privately held
printer in North America, has deployed ExtremeZ-IP to simplify file
sharing between the more than 50 Windows servers and 600 Mac desktops
used by its prepress employees and customers.

ExtremeZ-IP is critical to Quad/Graphics’ overall corporate goal that
its prepress files be always available to employees and customers.
The company has clustered its prepress servers, so that if one fails
or is taken offline, users can seamlessly access all of their files
and applications on one of the other servers in the cluster. Because
ExtremeZ-IP has been optimized to support Microsoft Windows
Clustering Services, it was Quad/Graphics’ best option for ensuring
seamless workflow with no interruptions to its employees or customers.

“ExtremeZ-IP’s cross-platform compatibility allows Quad/Graphics to
choose the best server and desktop platforms for our business and our
customers without worrying about communication issues,” said Jeffrey
A. Ding, Principal Technical Analyst for Quad/Graphics. “By
eliminating the complexity associated with Mac-to-Windows file naming
issues and delivering instantaneous failover between our clustered
servers, Group Logic significantly streamlined our workflows,
improved productivity and contributed to an overall increase in
customer satisfaction.”

As the proven standard for file sharing between Mac desktops and
Windows servers, ExtremeZ-IP delivers no-compromise access, providing
complete platform and application compatibility. It is used by
thousands of customers worldwide who depend on it for reliable file
sharing between their Mac desktops and Windows servers. The solution
eliminates Mac file name limitations on Windows servers and supports
the Windows permission model and security features, ensuring that
file permissions are not limited by platform.

“One of the biggest challenges in the prepress industry continues to
be compatibility between Mac desktops and Windows servers, while
ensuring that customers can easily access their files within the
system,” said T. Reid Lewis , President and CEO of Group Logic. “With
ExtremeZ-IP, Quad/Graphics has been able to overcome this challenge
at the same time it improves its overall operations with increased
failover and file sharing capabilities.”

About Quad/Graphics
Sussex , Wis.-based Quad/Graphics ( is the largest
privately held printer of magazines, catalogs and other commercial
products in the Western Hemisphere , and the third- largest printer –
public or private – in the nation. The company is a recognized leader
in improving the timeliness and relevancy of print. By maintaining
the industry’s newest, most advanced print manufacturing platform,
Quad/Graphics is able to offer direct mailers, catalogers, publishers
and retailers increased complexity in personalization and
customization, while reducing turnaround times. The 35-year-old
company has 12,000 employees worldwide and sales of approximately $2
billion. Quad/Graphics was named to FORTUNE magazine’s list of 100
Best Companies to Work For, 2006.

About Group Logic

Group Logic is the leading provider of network software solutions
that enable customers to gain strategic value, increase productivity
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