Chinese top speakers at “Chinesische Software Industry Workshop”
during CeBIT asia

Karlsruhe – During the journey of the German chancellor in May 2006,
the protection of copyrights appeared on the agenda. Wibu-Systems AG,
a leading supplier of hardware based protection solutions for
software, documents, access and media, will exhibit feasible
solutions with CodeMeter at CeBIT asia in hall E1 booth D29. In
addition the topic of copyright will be discussed in a workshop that
will run for the first time with famous speakers lead-managed by
Wibu-Systems. The trade shop will take place in Shanghai New
International Expo Center from September 17 to 20.

The two hour “Chinese Software Industry Workshop” brings together
famous speakers and Chinese software vendors at fair grounds on
September 19, at 2 p.m. till 4.30 p.m.. It will be about trends of
software and development in China including effective and
user-friendly software protection and license strategies. The lecture
“Secure Licensing of Software & Digital Products” will provide an
overview about security concepts for software vendors and authors of
digital property at 2006 China Information Security Forum on
September 18.

The main focus of the company are the topics of security and
protection of digital rights. It includes secure and effective
protection of software, versatile license strategies, embodiment of
different license models and the protection of PDF files and
multimedia files. The author transfers the digital rights in the USB
hardware CM-Stick that can store more than 1,000 licenses of
different vendors, establish the way of usage and can be updated
remotely without effort. The special plus for each user is the
comprehensive personal security funtions for the PC, such as a mobile
password management.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO of Wibu-Systems, notes, “Our activities with
software protection solutions in China started in 2002 and our
solutions have achieved an excellent reputation. The prominent
speakers promise an exciting workshop and plenty of valuable
knowledge for each participant. The idea for creating this workshop
was from discussions with our Chinese customers. There was a great
demand for protection against pirate copies and new sales
opportunities. The workshop shows potential attack scenarios and why
CodeMeter offers a secure protection against the different cracking