Freeware lets Mac Skype users switch from speakerphone to wireless
headset and back, in a snap.

San Francisco, CA, August 24, 2006 – NHANDZ, a Digital Home company
offering input devices and software that enable remote control of
PC/Mac’s, announced the immediate availability of AudioSwitch for
Skype, a freeware program that allows users to switch their Skype
audio settings with simple keyboard shortcuts. Previously, Skype
users would have to undergo a slow multi-step manual process just to
switch from a speakerphone to a wireless headset.

AudioSwitch for Skype is the latest Mac-compatible product offered by
NHANDZ for the popular VOIP service, Skype (owned by eBay). The
company’s suite of Skype products for both Mac and PC platforms
enable remote control of Skype in other, more relaxed areas of the
home – away from the desktop. As such, they avoid the necessity of
using a mouse (and flat surface) nor view of a monitor screen that is
typically required for use of Skype.

The company is currently partnering with manufacturers of wireless
headsets and speakerphones to extend Skype VOIP beyond the desktop to
the Digital Home. “Our Skype products are a real boon to
manufacturers of advanced VOIP devices, such as wireless headsets
that let Skype users roam hands free from up to 200 ft away, and high
quality speakerphones that permit clear conversations or conference
calls from any part of a room,” says Quinlan.

The company’s suite of Skype control products fill in the gaps
currently preventing the extension of “mouse-centric” Skype to the
digital home by offering a variety of hotkey/keyboard shortcut and
voice control solutions for both Mac and PC/Dual Boot users.
AudioSwitch for Skype for Mac and also newly released KLP with Skype
control for PC/Dual Boot users, a hotkey program to control Skype via
keyboard shortcuts, round out a set of core products to unleash the
full power of Skype in the Digital home.

Other Mac offerings include SpeedDial for Skype, allowing users to
create alphanumeric speed dials for Skype contacts (eg. Opt/M for
Mary) and Speakables for Skype (Mac and PC/Dual Boot), a voice
recognition program for controlling Skype via voice commands. PC/Dual
Boot offerings include AudioID, a program that announces incoming and
outgoing Skype calls so that users can automatically know who’s
calling without having to look at their PC screen and confirm that
their outgoing calls are connecting to the intended person.

Pricing and Availability

AudioSwitch for Skype (Mac OS 10.3 and above) is immediately
available for free download from the NHANDZ website at


NHANDZ provides innovative input devices and software that encourage
consumers to converge their home entertainment media to their
computers, by making it more convenient and impressive to control
their computers remotely from relaxed areas of the home, away from
the desktop.