Fusion Plugins TCPdirect plugin for FileMaker Pro allows your
database to interact directly with a huge variety of internet-based

The updated TCPdirect 2.0.0 adds secure communications support with
SSL, and easy loading of web pages and other data with powerful
options for power users.

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — April 7, 2006 — Fusion Plugins is proud
to announce a new version of our TCPdirect Plugin for FileMaker Pro.
TCPdirect 2.0.0 now supports secure communications using SSL, and
adds a new function for easy one-step loading of web pages and other
data via HTTP, including powerful options like cookies and POST
support. The Mac version of TCPdirect is also now a universal binary
for use with both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

TCPdirect is a plugin that allows you to create a TCP/IP connection
and exchange data with any local or remote TCP-based service.

TCPdirect can be used to communicate with web servers, mail servers,
SOAP servers — basically anything that can be contacted using the
TCP/IP protocol.

– Send and receive raw TCP data
– Get data from the web
– Submit web pages
– Communicate with internet services (.NET, RPC, SOAP etc)

See http://fusionplugins.com/tcpdirect/ for more information and to
download a free demo.

Availability and Pricing

The Mac OS X version of TCPdirect 2.0.0 is available immediately,
from $49 for a single user up to $395 for Site/Developer licensing.
An updated Windows version will be available in late October, and all
purchasers from August 16 2006 will be eligible for a free upgrade.

About Fusion Plugins

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