Griffin Technology today announced TuneFlex for iPod. Like the TuneFlex for nano, this new TuneFlex for full-size, 4G and newer iPods is an dock and charger designed for ease-of-use in automobiles. “TuneFlex grips your iPod in a secure iPod-shaped cradle, and holds it on an infinitely-adjustable flexible steel neck. The cradle rotates independently to keep the iPod upright and easily readable, and always at your fingertips.” TuneFlex (US$49.99) also features the ability to charge the iPod in a vehicle’s 12-Volt accessory outlet; a built-in 1/8-inch line-out audio jack; and comes with its own cassette tape adapter. In addition, the unit includes a free Limited Edition version of Griffin’s iFill software, allowing users to stream MP3 files from thousands of free Internet radio stations directly to an iPod.