Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to release IntelliMerge 5.1, a
point update to the Mac OS X business communication and e-mail merge
software suite. The update includes an enhanced AutoSubscriber tool,
IP tracking of subscribe/unsubscribe requests, and an improved
invalid e-mail detection system.

New features and enhancements in IntelliMerge 5.1 include:

– AutoSubscriber: IntelliMerge now downloads and processes subscribe and
unsubscribe requests over twice as fast as previous release. The
AutoSubscriber tool now includes an option to save

– IP Tracking: IntelliMerge can now provide the IP address of subscribe
and unsubscribe requests through the AutoSubscriber to prevent abuse.

– Enhanced Invalid E-Mail Checker: IntelliMerge’s invalid e-mail checker
has been rewritten, offering more better, more accurate invalid
e-mail verifications before mailing.

– Web Page Messages: Improving upon IntelliMerge 5.0’s new feature to
send any web page (including images) has been improved to offer:

– CSS support: IntelliMerge now includes external style sheets

– Plain text equivalents: for older e-mail clients

– Firefox & OmniWeb previews: check out your message before mailing
by launching your browser of choice. IntelliMerge no longer needs to
launch Safari to preview a message.

IntelliMerge is $99.00 for Mac OS X. This release is a free upgrade
for all IntelliMerge 5.x license holders. For additional product
information or to download a free demonstration version, please visit:

Direct download for Mac OS X:

About Intelli Innovations, Inc.

Founded in 1998, Intelli Innovations develops innovative hardware and
software solutions for Mac OS X and Windows. The company’s
award-winning brands include IntelliScanner barcode-enabled
organization solutions, iAuthorize credit card processing and reader
systems, and IntelliMerge commercial e-mail delivery software.