Ithaca, NY USA (August 4, 2006) — Macintosh users can now turn to
the new ebook “Take Control of Syncing in Tiger” for help
synchronizing data between Macs, and with devices such as cell
phones, Palm OS handhelds, and iPods. Readers will find a detailed
explanation of how syncing works in Mac OS X, along with practical
advice on how to best set up, configure, and use synchronization
software from Apple and other Macintosh developers. The 135-page
“Take Control of Syncing in Tiger,” available for $10, is the first
full-length publication to look in depth at syncing on the Macintosh,
covering everything from iSync to the kitchen sync.

Written by long-time Mac expert Michael E. Cohen, the ebook helps
readers with tasks like syncing phone numbers between a Mac and a
mobile phone, iPod, or PDA; syncing files between desktop and laptop
Macs; and syncing Safari bookmarks, keychains, and other data via
..Mac. The ebook covers what hardware and software readers need to
move data between devices; explains how to connect devices via
Bluetooth, USB, FireWire, and Ethernet; and offers the best
strategies for successful syncing. Finally, a troubleshooting section
offers reassurance and practical advice for anyone who has
experienced a syncing feeling upon realizing that the wrong data was

For review copies, interview requests, or excerpts to publish; just
drop us a line!

Book Details:

“Take Control of Syncing in Tiger” by Michael E. Cohen PDF format, 135
pages, free 24-page sample available Publication date: August 3, 2006
Price: $10, includes 50%-off PocketMac’s syncing software

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