Paradigma Software Releases Valentina 2.4


August 2, 2006. Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc
announces the immediate availability of Valentina 2.4, including
Valentina Office Server for Mac OS X Universal Binary edition and all
developer tools for Mac OS X and Windows.

Valentina 2’s next generation, object-relational database model
builds on the traditional relational database model much like C++
builds on top of the C language. All that you know from working with
traditional database systems from IBM, Oracle and Microsoft also
apply to Valentina-based development. This robust technology excels
at ultra fast management of millions of records.

Valentina 2 Application Developer Kits provide software developers
with the incredibly fast and robust Valentina 2 database engine for
royalty free incorporation into their desktop applications. Valentina
technology includes support for Valentina XML import/export,
Valentina SQL (SQL 92 + extensions), native Unicode UTF-16 support,
simultaneous data exchange, transparent file formats, and more. ADK
Pro versions include both Mac OS X and Windows runtimes as well as a
copy of the database setup, browser and server administration tool,
Valentina Studio. Valentina Studio is available on Windows and Mac OS
X (including a universal binary version).

Valentina release 2.4 has undergone extensive internal and community
testing in order to provide developers and business with a highly
secure and stable database platform. Two Valentina-based products
have received dramatic improvements:

*Valentina 2.4 Office Server Universal Binary Edition. The universal
binary edition of the server has been available for developer
deployment since May, 2006. Valentina Office Server is the fastest
database server on the Mac-on-Intel platform for reliably and
efficiently handling millions of database records.

*Valentina for Revolution Universal Binary Edition. Both the single
connection and Embedded Server for developing standalone and
client-server applications are in Universal Binary format, allowing a
combination of Universal Binary Runtime Revolution and Valentina to
be the first, complete developer tool kit for creating business
solutions for the Mac-on-Intel platform. Valentina for Revolution 2.4
also includes:

– A new installer stack example
– Improvements to working with the external -Native support for RevDB
API and a method for bridging between RevDB and native Valentina API.

*Valentina for Adobe Director. Valentina 2.4 for Director includes
five new example projects that demonstrate several tasks plus several
performance improvements:

– Specific/Field_Media. Demonstrates how to work with BLOB fields to
store media data. – Common/DateTime_Format. Demonstrates how settings
of DateTime format affect date/time values. – Common/Error_Handling.
Demonstrates how to check errors produced by Valentina database. –
Common/VServer_RegisterDb. Demonstrates how to register a new
database with Valentina Embedded Server or Valentina Office Server. –
SQL/Autoincrement. Demonstrates how to use SQL to create an
auto-increment field.

*Valentina for REALbasic. Valentina ADK and Embedded Server include
over 30 changes to improve performance in developing standalone and
client-server solutions with REAL Software’s REALbasic. Even though
REALbasic cannot compile universal binary applications, the Valentina
portion of a solution can utilize the universal binary component.

All Valentina products also gained the following benefits and
improvements, including Windows-only solutions for COM and .net

New! Packet Based Communication Protocol. Valentina 2.4 introduces a
new packet based protocol that allows better separation of commands,
data-compression and more.

New! Breakthrough Speed Advancement in Re-indexing Algorithms. New
methods allow re-indexing of numeric fields at much greater speeds
for fields equal or smaller than 4 bytes: Byte, Short, Ushort,
Medium, Medium, Long, ULong, Float, Date, Time. The disk space for
these fields has been cut in half.

New! VLink2.LinkRecords Call. Allows connecting fields in two
different tables with a single command.

New! VConnection Class. All Valentina 2.4 ADKs support this unified,
simpler method for establishing connections to Valentina databases.
This improves over the previous constructor method.

New! Table Properties: VTable.IndexChanges as Integer” property in
all Valentina 2.4 ADKs. New! Table Properties: VTable.MaxRecordCount
as Integer” property in all Valentina 2.4 ADKs.

Because of the internal changes in Valentina 2.4, Paradigma is
introducing a new Valentina 2.4 database format. Valentina 2.4 is a
free upgrade for current users of Valentina 2.x products. All new
features have been documented on the company wiki. Valentina 2.4 ADKs
start at $199. Valentina Developer Network, which allows royalty free
distribution of Valentina Embedded Server, starts at $499.

For more information, visit the Paradigma Software website at

About Paradigma Software, Inc

Founded in 1998, Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software, Inc is
the leading provider of incredibly fast and robust database solutions
for business and development. Valentina 2 technology powers solutions
as diverse as graphics applications from major Japanese electronics
companies to solutions supporting US public schools. Paradigma
Software solutions are available for every major development
environment on the Windows and Macintosh platforms.