Objective Development Announces Sharity 3.2, a New Release of their Long
Standing SMB File System for Unix.

Vienna, Austria – July 31, 2006 — Objective Development today announced
the availability of Sharity 3.2, a new release of their long standing SMB
file system for Unix. This release brings enhanced stability and
performance and an improved command line interface.

Sharity mounts shares exported by Windows, Samba and other SMB/CIFS servers
in the file system of Unix computers. Sharity implements Resource Browsing
similar to the Windows Network Neighborhood (Netbios Workgroups and Active
Directory), NTLM, NTLMv2 and Kerberos authentication, Microsoft’s
Distributed File System (DFS), manipulation of Access Control Lists (ACLs)
and it is available for Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX, Mac OS X,
Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD operating systems.

Sharity 3 comes with a free, built-in evaluation license. Commercial use
licenses are available for 199 USD, private use licenses for 29 USD (net
prices excluding VAT). Licenses for students of public schools and
universities are free. Discounts for upgrades from Sharity 2 and volume
discounts are also available.

For downloads and more information about Sharity see


About Objective Development

Objective Development is a creative team of experienced software engineers,
specialized in developing innovative, intelligent computing solutions. The
brand “Objective Development” represents high quality niche products for
private and commercial users, filling the gaps between large standard

The company’s product line includes “LaunchBar” (an award winning search
utility), “Little Snitch” (an application based reverse firewall), “WebYep”
(a simple and yet powerful web content management system) and Sharity (an
SMB file system for Unix).