Flip4Mac WMV Support for Intel Macs Now Available

Version 2.1 software release features support for Intel Macs and faster
Windows Media encoding for PowerPC Mac users

Nevada City, Calif., July 28, 2006 — Telestream, the media encoding
specialist, today announced availability of Flip4Mac WMV version 2.1
software. Release highlights include universal support for Apple’s
Intel-based Macintosh systems and significantly faster Windows Media
encoding for PowerPC Mac users. The Flip4Mac WMV update is free and
available for download on Microsoft and Flip4Mac websites.

“We are pleased to offer Intel support for the large base of Mac users who
have been eager to receive this release since our announcement in April,”
said Barbara DeHart, Vice President, Flip4Mac Products. “Considerable buzz
has been generated throughout the Mac community as is evidenced by the
immense number of users who offered to participate in our beta testing

Flip4Mac WMV is comprised of a collection of QuickTime components that
enables Mac OS X users to play, import and export Windows Media files using
QuickTime-based applications. In addition to universal support for
Intel-powered Macintosh systems, version 2.1 includes significantly faster
export optimizations for PowerPC Mac users. PowerPC users will see encode
speeds four to six times faster with version 2.1.

“The Flip4Mac WMV 2.1 release gives users total control over their export
speeds,” comments Derrick Freeman, Video Streaming and Compression
Specialist at GeniusDV and Flip4Mac beta tester. “Our clients need
solutions that can speed up their workflows, and the v2.1 release gives
them the faster export speeds they need. When higher quality output takes
precedence over speed, the flexible export settings in Flip4Mac WMV produce
the results that our clients are looking for.”

Additional new features in Flip4Mac WMV v2.1 include: multi-language audio
support in the WMV player; overlay when importing Windows Media content in
trial mode; support for Web authors to disable save as feature in embedded
streams and improved support for MMS servers and live streams.

The Flip4Mac WMV family includes free playback of Windows Media files and a
range of import and export capabilities priced from $29 to $179. In
January, Microsoft began free distribution of Windows Media Components for
QuickTime, powered by Flip4Mac. Since that time, millions of Flip4Mac
downloads have occurred. The free version 2.1 update is available for
download on www.microsoft.com and www.flip4mac.com.

About Flip4Mac (http://www.flip4mac.com/)

Exporting and importing media in the formats users require shouldn’t be a
hassle. Telestream’s Flip4Mac digital media tools for the Macintosh make it
easy. Since its beginning in 1998, Telestream, the company that pioneered
high-quality media exchange over IP networks, has recognized the vital need
for seamless access to media in any format across any network — in a way
that is transparent to any user’s workflow. With Flip4Mac digital media
tools for the Macintosh, Telestream leverages its expertise in media
encoding, transcoding, and digital workflows to enable an all-Macintosh
workflow for media professionals.

About Telestream (http://www.telestream.net/)

Telestream products have set the standard with the world’s leading media
and entertainment companies, corporations, and government institutions for
the encoding, organizing, and delivery of digital media. Customers rely on
Telestream products for convenient, cost-effective, and robust digital
media access and exchange over IP networks. The company’s core workgroup
and enterprise solutions and newer Flip4Mac tools for the Macintosh
streamline digital media workflows for content owners, creators, and
distributors in any industry segment. Telestream and its team of video
experts are located in Nevada City, the “video valley” region of Northern
California. The company is privately held.

About GeniusDV (http://www.geniusdv.com/)

Located in Orlando, Florida, GeniusDV is a Digital Video Editing Training
Center. Classes include training on Avid Express HD, Final Cut Studio and
After Effects software applications. GeniusDV also offers a one day video
streaming and compression training class, and Flip4Mac WMV Studio Pro HD is
one of the software applications featured in the class. The company also
offers video streaming consulting services.