The Omni Group has announced the public beta release of their new project management application, OmniPlan. OmniPlan joins the company’s collection of software offerings, which include OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle, and OmniWeb. “OmniPlan is a program designed to help you create logical, manageable project planning documents. With OmniPlan you can break down tasks, optimize the resources needed for your project (people, materials, or equipment), control various costs, and monitor your entire project at a glance. Every project is made up of a collection of different activities; OmniPlan provides features like Gantt charts, schedules, summaries, milestones, and critical path highlighting to help you manage all those activities.” OmniPlan is currently available as a public beta. The final release will retail for US$149.95, but no specific release date was announced.